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Cruise insurance - Cruise travel insurance online

What insurance do I need when travelling by ship or cruising?

As the most important insurances, we strongly recommend a comprehensive international health insurance as well as a travel cancellation insurance and travel interruption insurance, as well as luggage insurance - these can be taken out separately with us.

In addition, we recommend an optional package with liability, accident and luggage insurance.

International travel health insurance

from 1,15 € per person

  • Any number of trips
  • Up to 56 days per trip
  • No deductible
  • Additional package

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Travel cancellation insurance

from 5,00 € per trip

  • Comprehensive protection
  • Cancellation and withdrawal costs
  • Rebooking costs up to 30 €
  • With or without deductible

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Luggage insurance

from 25 € per trip/person

  • Loss of luggage
  • Damage of luggage
  • Reimbursement for purchases
  • Accident in means of transport

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1. International health insurance:

During a ship trip or cruise, you usually travel to destinations abroad. This entails corresponding dangers to which one is exposed in different countries. Thus it can come quite to the case of illness, by an infection, or by other problems on the way. Treatment on board or directly at a local destination can then incur high costs. Also in the case of a possibly necessary return transport to the home country.

The statutory health insurance only partially covers you abroad, depending on the country you are travelling to. More detailed information can be found in our guide to private travel health insurance. With credit cards contained foreign health insurances do not contain ship journeys/cruises usually.

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Note: The maximum duration is 1 year and there are different contributions depending on the age. Take out a separate insurance policy for each person.

2. Travel cancellation insurance and Travel interruption insurance:

If you are unable to start your booked cruise due to illness or accident, you may incur high cancellation costs. We recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance, so that you do not have to bear these costs. This can be taken out with or without a deductible. Information on cancellation costs and reasons for a cancellation insurance.

A travel interruption insurance (holiday guarantee) covers the costs incurred in the event of a travel interruption. If, for example, an early return journey becomes necessary due to illness and you therefore cannot make use of travel services such as shore excursions booked in advance. Or if you miss the continuation of your ship due to a sickness-related interruption during a shore excursion and there are additional travel costs.

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Note: Choose the conclusion "HanseMerkur Reiseversicherungs AG" for a special travel cancellation insurance tariff for ship trips and cruises. The travel interruption insurance is already included with the conclusion of the travel cancellation insurance with holiday guarantee.

3. Additional insurance - Property package:

You can also choose liability insurance and accident insurance as an additional package for extended insurance cover when taking out international health insurance.

Info: The tariff "HanseMerkur Reiseversicherungs AG" also includes luggage insurance. This protects you in case your luggage is "lost" or damaged.
Further information on luggage insurance.

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