Health insurance for foreign guests in Germany and German guests abroad

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As a guest abroad - why an international health insurance?

Comprehensive international health insurance should be an integral part of every holiday plan. Because only an adequate insurance cover guarantees you, besides a visa as a guest abroad, a carefree stay abroad. With our premiums we offer you an all-round travel protection. Should you now have a medical stay for several days directly after entering the country, you do not have to worry about the costs.

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Guests abroad/in Germany for up to one year:

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German guests abroad up to 5 years:

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Foreign guests up to five years in Germany:

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Information sheet health insurance abroad

Note: Only the contents and wording of the insurance policy and the insurance conditions are legally binding.

For whom is the international health insurance important ?

International health insurance:

For Germans traveling abroad, the international health insurance is by far the most important additional insurance, since the German health insurance companies do not cover all costs abroad. Besides the visa, this additional insurance is very important for many countries.

Incoming health insurance: Health insurance for foreigners in Germany

For foreign guests travelling to Germany, travel health insurance for Germany is just as important to ensure that the costs are covered in any case in the event of medical treatment in Germany. Thanks to the "Incoming health insurance" as travel insurance for foreign guests, your visitors can enjoy their stay!

What travel insurance do I need as a guest abroad?

To ensure that your holiday stay as a guest abroad is as relaxed as possible, we recommend our property package with liability, accident and legal expenses insurance, as well as luggage insurance, in addition to the international health insurance. So your visit and stay is guaranteed to be carefree. Simply book this package when you take out your insurance online!

For internships there is also an optional additional liability coverage for internship damages.
You can additionally choose this insurance cover up to the age of 34.

Tip: Don't forget to apply for a visa in good time!

What benefits does the travel health insurance include?

The travel health insurance for foreign guests and german guests abroad (up to 1 year) includes the following benefits:

What is to be considered with the term of the foreign health insurance?

Term up to max. 1 year: foreign health insurance for german guests abroad and foreign guests in Germany. There are different premiums depending on the age group.  

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Term of 1 to 5 years: foreign health insurance with an additional property package for German guests travelling abroad.

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Term of 1 to 5 years: foreign health insurance with an additional property package for foreign guests travelling to Germany.

► Online booking term 1 to 5 years

Questions and answers about health insurance for foreign guests (FAQ)

When traveling to Germany, does the insurance coverage also apply during the stay/stopover in third countries?

Is the insurance also valid when traveling from Russia via Turkey to Germany and on the same way back?

The insurance cover applies in the countries of the EU including Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. This applies to persons who do not have a permanent residence in Germany.
Thus, travelers in Turkey are unfortunately not insured during the stopover. On the flight to Germany, the insurance cover applies.

Are foreigners in Germany covered by health insurance?

If you are traveling to Germany as a foreign guest, an international health insurance is important so that the costs are covered in any case in case of medical treatment in Germany. Thanks to the "Incoming Health Insurance" as travel health insurance for foreign guests, your stay in Germany is also covered in case of illness.

What is a foreign health insurance policy?

For foreign visitors traveling to Germany, health insurance is mandatory. This is also a prerequisite for the issuance of a visa. Incoming travel health insurance provides excellent coverage for foreigners in Germany in case of illness.

Can I also purchase health insurance for foreign guests over 75?

International health insurance for Germany can also be taken out for foreign guests over the age of 75. Our tariffs are suitable for every age group, but the costs are also higher due to the age-related risk.

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