Rental car insurance for cars and campers

Our highlights

  • valid worldwide
  • Special conditions for campers and motorhomes
  • Deductible exclusion
  • comprehensive protection for your vehicle in case of accident and theft

from 6,90 Euro per day and car

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Our rates for rental car insurance

With a rental car insurance you start safely into your next vacation. A rental car, camper or motor home makes you flexible and independent in the vacation country. However, in the event of an accident or theft of your vehicle, you may be faced with high costs. In the event of damage, good advice is often expensive, because the deductibles of car rental companies are often a thousand euros and more. A rental car insurance creates remedy here and reduces the own contribution in case of damage. Therefore, after booking your car, in addition to a comprehensive insurance also a rental car insurance for your vehicle.


Rental car insurance for cars and motorcycles

Car rental insurance for cars

Benefit from the exclusion of the deductible for theft, from 6.90 euros per day per car

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Information to protect your vehicle

Rental car insurance protects you while traveling against financial risks associated with the use of a rented vehicle.

More important information about MWV:

Scope of application: Insurance coverage is provided for travel in the contractually agreed area of coverage.
Obligations: Notify the vehicle rental company of the damage and obtain a certificate from them regarding the type and extent of the damage
Premium payment: Immediately, upon conclusion of the contract.
Start and end of coverage:

Coverage begins when you take delivery of the vehicle and ends at the agreed time, no later than when you return the vehicle

Termination: The contract ends with the completion of your trip, at the latest at the agreed end of the insurance.
Limitations of coverage

No insurance coverage for damages for which the motor vehicle insurer does not provide a benefit.

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Rental car insurance for campers

Rental Camper Protection

Travel worldwide in a relaxed way with your camper, from € 9.50 per day in the Basic tariff

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Rental Camper Protection Information

With our camper protection, you receive insurance coverage and services while traveling with your rented caravan or motorhome.

Further important information about the MCS (Basic tariff):

Area of validity: Insurance coverage is provided for travel in the contractually agreed area of validity.
Obligations: Report the damage to the motor vehicle rental company and obtain a certificate from the motor vehicle rental company regarding the type and extent of the damage (damage caused by criminal acts of third parties and fire damage must be reported immediately to the responsible police station).
Premium payment: immediately
Beginning and end of coverage:

Coverage begins when you take delivery of the vehicle and ends at the agreed time, at the latest when you return the vehicle

Termination: The contract ends with the completion of your trip, at the latest at the agreed end of the insurance. There is no special right of termination.
Limitations of coverage You will bear part of the damage yourself if your tariff provides for a deductible

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Information sheet on rental camper cover

Car rental insurance advantages

  • Deductible exclusion in the event of theft
  • Deductible is assumed in the event of an accident
  • In the motor vehicle liability insurance for passenger cars, the coverage amount is up to 1 million euros
  • Optional rental camper protection with travel protection package and contents insurance


Overview of rental car insurance benefits

Benefits Rental car protection for cars/motorcycles

Rental car cover for campers/motorhomes (Basic)

Rental car protection for campers/motorhomes (Premium)
Exclusion / reduction of deductible (CDW)
Motor vehicle liability (Majorca policy) - -
Glass and tire protection


Travel cancellation insurance



Travel interruption insurance



Baggage insurance



Number of insured trips

1 trip

1 trip

1 trip
Max. Trip duration

93 days

92 days

92 days
Sum insured

2.500 EUR

1.500 EUR

1.500 EUR


250 EUR

250 EUR
Price per day

6,90 EUR

9,50 EUR (rental price: up to 100 EUR/day)

11,50 EUR (rental price: up to 100 EUR/day)

Deductible exclusion insurance

If you are charged a deductible due to damage to the rented car, we will reimburse this up to the amount of the sum insured.

Insured events:

An insured event of the Excess Exclusion Insurance is:

- in the event of damage to the rental vehicle

- in the event of a total loss of the rental vehicle

Scope of benefits:

Benefits are provided if an insured event occurs. The sums insured and benefits vary depending on the event:

In the event of an insured event, we will reimburse you for the deductible up to the amount of the agreed sum insured (for cars/motorcycles up to 2,500.- EUR).


- no deductible for cars and motorcycles

- For campers and motorhomes there is a deductible of 250,- EUR.

Liability insurance for rental cars (only for cars and motorcycles)

If you have caused damage with the rental car and the coverage amount of the motor vehicle liability insurer is not sufficient, we will additionally pay up to the amount of the insurance sum concluded with us.

Insured events

An insured event of the motor vehicle liability insurance exists if through the use of the motor vehicle:

- persons are injured or killed

- property is damaged or destroyed

- financial losses are caused

Scope of benefits The motor vehicle liability insurance takes effect if a motor vehicle liability insurance concluded on the driver is not sufficient to cover the personal injury/property damage .
Deductible no deductible

Questions and answers about rental car insurance (FAQ)

Which vehicles are insured?

The insurance covers a motor vehicle rented by you from an official and commercially operating vehicle rental company.

However, special bodies and awnings are excluded.

Where does the rental car insurance apply?

The insurance for your car and motorcycle is valid worldwide (also in the USA).

When is the compensation paid?

We pay within 2 weeks.

The prerequisite for reimbursement is,

  • that our obligation to pay is established in terms of reason and amount
  • that we have the necessary evidence - which becomes our property.

The running of this period is suspended as long as we are unable to verify your claim through your fault.

What are the limitations of rental car insurance?

We will not provide benefits if

  • you fraudulently attempt to deceive us about circumstances that are relevant to the reason for or the amount of the benefit;
  • you have caused the damage intentionally;
  • the occurrence of the insured event was certain when the contract was concluded;
  • the insured event is caused by
    • war
    • civil war
    • warlike events
    • civil unrest,
    • strike,
    • nuclear energy,
    • confiscation
    • seizure
    • other interventions by higher authorities,
    • active participation in acts of violence during a public gathering or rally.

Where can I report the claim?

In case of emergency, our 24-hour emergency call service will help you.

✆ Hotline from Germany ✆ Hotline from abroad

You can reach this at any time and worldwide.

Please send damage reports informally to:

HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG,

Dept. RLK/Leistung

Siegfried-Wedells-Platz 1

20354 Hamburg


What general duties (obligations) do I have in the event of a claim?

  • Keep the damage as low as possible and avoid anything that could lead to an unnecessary increase in costs.
  • You must provide all information about the claim truthfully and completely. You must provide us with all the information we need to determine - whether an insured event has occurred and - whether and to what extent we will pay.
  • Claims for compensation against third parties shall pass to us in accordance with the statutory provisions up to the amount of the payment made. We note that you will not suffer any disadvantage as a result. If necessary, you are obliged to cooperate in the enforcement of the claim for compensation.

Secure payment when concluding a contract online

Secure payment with verified SSL connection

Convenient payment with:

- Direct debit / Bank collection

- bank transfer

- Credit card (Mastercard / VISA / American Express)

Other important travel insurances

Health insurance abroad

  • Outpatient and inpatient treatment
  • no deductible in case of illness
  • up to 56 days per holiday
  • without age surcharges

from 9,90 per year/person

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Travel cancellation insurance

  • Trip cancellation costs
  • Also for groups and families
  • Travel assistance
  • Incl. corona illness

from 1,07 per person

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Baggage insurance

  • Loss of luggage
  • Reimbursement for replacement purchases
  • Damage to luggage
  • No deductible

from 25,00 per trip/person

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Annual travel insurance

  • Up to 56 days per trip
  • Worldwide travel cover
  • Unlimited number of trips
  • Simply book online

from 9,90 per person

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