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What travel insurance do I need for exchanges?

Who is the student exchange insurance for?

Important information

GAPP student exchange

What travel insurance do I need for exchanges?

Recommended travel insurance

Basic protection

Health insurance abroad

The most important travel insurance for lecturers, collegiate students and interns when traveling abroad is the international health insurance, which you can purchase here directly for the desired travel period and the participating person.

Benefits of the international health insurance (excerpt)

Insurance line Scope of insurance  
Health insurance abroad  
Medical expenses for outpatient and inpatient medical treatment  
Pain-relieving dental treatment  
Repatriation costs for further treatment in the home country if medically necessary and justifiable  
Repatriation costs in the event of death  


All-round insurance cover

Our insurance package

For comprehensive coverage during your trip, we recommend our insurance package with liability, accident, and legal protection insurance as an optimal supplement to the international health insurance. This allows you to enjoy your stay in Germany without worries. Simply book the property package when you take out the policy online.

Travel liability insurance

Travel liability insurance is absolutely recommended for foreign lecturers in order to protect themselves against claims for damages against third parties, which may arise from personal injury, property damage or financial loss. In Germany, these can be very high. The insurance can be taken out until the day of departure. The liability insurance covers the costs of damages caused by you for the duration of your stay.

Travel liability cannot be booked separately, it can only be taken out in conjunction with the property package if you have the appropriate travel insurance.

Travel accident insurance

Travel accident insurance is also included in our property package and basically works like private accident insurance. It provides financial compensation after accidents and also provides financial support in the event of disability, total disability or accidental death.

Legal expenses insurance

In Germany, legal disputes can incur immense costs, and legal expenses insurance covers lawyer's fees and court costs. Travel legal protection insurance cannot be booked separately, but only as part of the property package.

Overview of services (excerpt)

Line of insurance Scope of insurance  
Travel liability insurance    
personal injury and property damage 5 Mio.  
financial loss 1 Mio.  
damage to rented immovable property 500.000 €  
damage to rented movable property 1.000 €  
with deductible 50 € per insured event  
loss of keys 2.000 €  
with deductible 150 € per insured event  
Travel accident insurance    
Disability benefit 55,000 € (123,750 € in case of 100 % disability)  
death benefit under 18 years 10.000 € / over 18 years 25.000 €  
Daily hospital allowance with convalescence benefit 10 €  
Rescue costs 5.000 €  
travel legal protection    
judicial and extrajudicial assertion of claims for damages  
Defense in criminal proceedings or administrative offenses for labor and social law proceedings  
Sum insured 1,000,000 €  

Who is the student exchange insurance for?

For pupils and young people taking part in an exchange, adequate insurance cover is essential throughout the trip. This applies to German groups travelling abroad as well as to foreign groups travelling to Germany. For many years, BERNHARD has been offering affordable travel insurance for school and youth exchanges in cooperation with the Landesjugendringen.

The student exchange insurance is especially for school groups and groups of young people from 5 persons.

Important facts at a glance:

  • Low-cost travel insurance framework tariffs for exchange measures of schools and young people in cooperation with the regional youth rings.
  • The insurance is specially tailored to the needs of the respective group
  • German participants can be insured for travel abroad as well as foreign participants for exchanges in Germany.
  • The insurance is valid for groups of 5 persons or more
  • The maximum insurance period is 90 days
  • The entire travel insurance is valid worldwide, except in war zones
  • the currently valid insurance tax is already included in the premiums (health insurance is tax-free)

Student Exchange USA with the German American Partnership Program (GAPP)

You are planning a student exchange USA with the student exchange program GAPP ?

Information about GAPP with the necessary insurances can be found here:

► Travel Insurances Student Exchange GAPP

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