Our private travel health insurance - comprehensive travel protection for holidays abroad

Our Highlights

  • Outpatient and inpatient treatment
  • up to 56 days per holiday
  • no deductible in case of illness
  • from 21,- € per year for families

from 9,90 € per year/person

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Everything you need to know about private travel health insurance

With our private travel health insurance you are comprehensively covered abroad and can enjoy your stay abroad without worries!

Why is private health insurance abroad worthwhile?

You might ask yourself why you actually need travel health insurance? Are you not insured abroad by the normal, statutory health insurance? The answer to this question is: Unfortunately only partially!

On one hand, it depends on which country you are traveling to:
If, for example, you are travelling to a country that is not a Schengen country, such as Tunisia or Egypt, you are simply not covered by health insurance without private travel health insurance and are therefore exposed to an extreme health and financial risk. If you need medical treatment there and, in the worst case, even need to stay in hospital for several days, you will have to bear all the costs alone.

Especially in countries where medical and treatment costs are much higher than in Germany, such as in the USA or Canada, expenses can quickly arise that bring a normal earner without travel health insurance in financial distress.

On the other hand, the nature of your illness or the extent of the treatment you require plays a role:
most European countries, i.e. the so-called Schengen states, have a social security agreement with Germany. As long as you stay in these countries, your health insurance will cover the costs of treatment etc.. However, only to the same extent as in Germany: If a treatment abroad costs, for example, 1000 €, but in Germany the same only 800 €, you have to pay the difference out of your own pocket. Unless you have a private travel health insurance, which takes effect in such a case.

What does the travel health insurance cover?

Medical repatriation - an expensive affair without travel health insurance.

Imagine you have to be treated in a hospital for an extended period of time (probably longer than 14 days) during your trip. The staff may not speak your language and none of your family or friends will be able to visit you. For this reason, you would like to travel home and receive further treatment there, as it has been proven that this promotes the healing process and the medical care is usually better there as well. However, this is only possible if it makes medical sense and is also justifiable.

In this case, the travel health insurance would cover all costs for medical repatriation to Germany.


Sick on site - treatment needed

It may happen that the treatment you need cannot be guaranteed locally. Imagine that the attending physician orders your medical return transport to Germany. Without travel health insurance, you will have to bear the costs of this return transport in any case - regardless of whether you are staying in a Schengen state or not, because your statutory health insurance generally does not cover medical transport from abroad.

What does travel health insurance include?

Travel health insurance benefits:

  • Cost absorption for medical treatment abroad (outpatient/inpatient)
  • Additional costs for medical repatriation incl. baggage repatriation
  • repatriation of the insured in case of death


Which travel health insurance is the right one?

We offer private health insurance not only as an annual policy, but also as an individual policy for one-off trips. However, it is only recommended for stays abroad that last longer than 56 days, such as for language students, work and travel, or au pairs, as insurance coverage is possible for up to one year. For all others we recommend the private travel health insurance as annual insurance. It is not only cheaper with the same benefits, it is also valid for any number of holidays per year.

The private travel health insurance in comparison:

What does travel health insurance cost?

Individual insurance Annual insurance  
Hospital costs for outpatient and inpatient treatment:
Analgesic dental treatment (max. € 500):
Repatriation costs for further treatment in the home country:
Repatriation costs in the event of death (up to € 25,000):
Favourable conditions for groups: X
Number of possible trips: 1 Any number of trips per year
Maximum duration of travel per trip: 356 days 56 days
Area of validity: Worldwide without USA/Canada or worldwide with USA/Canada Worldwide
Calculation example (up to 64 years; 14 days; without USA/Canada): 25,00 € 13,90 €

Particularly favourable:

Travel health insurance for travelling more than once a year


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For long trips:

Private travel health insurance for trips of up to one year

► Take out private travel health insurance now for trips of up to one year

Overview of the costs of our annual insurance per year

  per person for families
Annual premiums up to 35 years 9,90 € 21 €
Annual premiums up to 65 years 13,90 € 29 €
Annual premiums up to 75 years 29,90 € 65 €
Annual premiums from 75 years 79,90 € 159 €

Insurance conditions

Private annual international health insurance for individuals or families:
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Questions and answers about private travel health insurance

When does travel health insurance make sense?

An international health insurance is always worthwhile, because the private health insurance often does not cover all risks abroad or does not offer sufficient benefits. So that you do not have to pay for the costs yourself, it is worth taking out travel health insurance.

Is travel health insurance tax deductible?

You can only deduct private travel health insurance from your taxes if you have not yet exceeded the tax-free amount of 1900 euros. However, this amount is usually already reached by your normal health insurance. If not, use the form "Anlage Vorsorgeaufwand" in your income tax return.

What is to be considered with foreign health insurance?

Pay attention to the area of coverage, here it is important that your travel country is included, often there are extra rates for USA/Canada/Switzerland. In addition to the scope of benefits and the corresponding coverage amounts, another point is often neglected: the insurer's willingness to pay. Some foreign health insurers only pay if certain conditions are met, e.g.:
  • Adhering to reporting deadlines to the insurer after claiming benefits
  • Receiving receipts from the hospital noting name, age, diagnosis, etc.
  • Diagnostics in English or German only
Our tip: Read through the terms and conditions of the insurance company in question and look out for exclusions or guidelines for reimbursement. However, it is equally important to read through customer reviews before making your decision.

Is our international health insurance also accepted in Russia?

Our international health insurance is valid worldwide, and is therefore also accepted in Russia.

How long does it take to get travel health insurance?

Immediately after taking out our travel health insurance, you will receive your insurance policy. However, it should be noted that the travel health insurance can only be concluded before the start of the trip.

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