Our seminar cancellation insurance - your protection against high cancellation costs

Our Highlights

  • Reimbursement of cancellation or seminar costs
  • Reimbursement of rebooking costs
  • Reimbursement of expenses due to delay
  • Area of validity: Worldwide

from 5,90 Euro per seminar

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Good reasons for seminar cancellation insurance

Reasons for seminar cancellation insurance: You book your seminar well in advance and fall ill at short notice? The seminar cancellation insurance will reimburse the cancellation costs incurred, including any hotel costs. Subsequent seminars must be taken out individually.

With our seminar cancellation insurance you are optimally protected, should something come up. No matter whether you are delayed, cancel or have to rebook - protect yourself against high costs!

Services of the seminar cancellation insurance:

  • Reimbursement of the contractually owed travel cancellation costs (cancellation costs) for an insured reason
  • Reimbursement of additional outward travel costs (if you have to arrive later)
  • the premiums apply to the insured seminar and any accommodation costs incurred
  • several consecutive seminars must be insured individually
  • Area of validity: Germany, but also Europe

What is covered by the seminar cancellation insurance?

You are insured in the event of non-attendance or premature termination of a seminar or individual partial events of a seminar series. Additionally booked travel services (e.g. arrival and return travel, accommodation) are also insured if these are within 48 hours before the start or after the end of the seminar or the respective partial event of the seminar series.

Insured events include:

  • Unexpected serious illness and pre-existing conditions that have not been treated in the six months prior to the date of insurance.
  • Death and serious accidental injury.
  • Termination of employment for operational reasons.
  • Commencement of employment.
  • In the event of an insured no-show, we will pay the cancellation costs that you contractually owe to the service provider (e.g. seminar organizer, hotel). Alternatively, we will reimburse the rebooking fees.
  • In the event of insured unscheduled termination, we will reimburse the pro rata price for unused seminar and travel services on site as well as additional return travel costs.
  • If the seminar is cancelled by the organizer, we will pay the cancellation costs for the co-insured travel services.

We will indemnify you up to a maximum of the sum insured, unless a different sum is specified in the insurance conditions.

The sum insured corresponds to the insured seminar price plus any travel services.

Benefits of the seminar cancellation insurance

In the event of cancellation of the seminar, we shall assume

  • the contractual cancellation costs for the seminar or the partial events of the seminar series not attended and the cancellation costs for co-insured travel services,
  • alternatively the rebooking fees.

In the event of cancellation of the seminar by the organizer, we will assume:

  • the cancellation costs for co-insured travel services

In the event of cancellation of the seminar, we will assume e.g.:

  • the pro rata price for unused seminar and travel services on site and additional return travel costs

If a means of public transport is delayed (by more than 2 hours), we will cover:

  • the additional costs of the arrival or return journey up to € 500,- and costs for food and accommodation up to € 100,-.

In case of breakdown or accident of the own motor vehicle (before the start of the seminar or during the return journey) we cover:

  • the costs for seminar and travel services not used or additional travel costs up to € 500,
  • plus the costs for a rental vehicle up to € 1,000.

Insured reasons for cancellation and termination are, for example:

  • serious accidental injury,
  • pregnancy,
  • significant damage to property, e.g. due to burst water pipe,
  • Loss of job or change of job.


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Important facts of the seminar cancellation insurance:

No deductible for all insured events with the exception of illnesses treated on an outpatient basis. In this case, the deductible amounts to 20% of the recoverable damage, but at least EUR 25.00 per insured person.

Closing date:
The seminar cancellation insurance must be taken out immediately upon booking, but no later than 30 days before the start of the seminar. If there are less than 30 days between the booking of the seminar and the start of the seminar, the travel insurance must be taken out no later than the 3rd working day after booking.

What are the costs for seminar insurance?

Price per person  
Price for the seminar up to 100 € 5,90 €
Price for the seminar up to 200 € 9,90 €
Price for the seminar up to 300 € 13,90 €
Price for the seminar up to 750 € 27 €
Price for the seminar up to 1.000 € 35 €
Price for the seminar up to 1.500 € 55 €
Price for the seminar up to 2.000 € 69 €
Price for the seminar up to 2.500 € 95 €
Price for the seminar up to 3.000 € 124 €
Price for the seminar up to 3.500 € 154 €
Price for the seminar up to 4.000 € 189 €
Price for the seminar up to 5.000 € 239 €
Price for the seminar up to 7.500 € 299 €
Price for the seminar up to 10.000 € 429 €

Questions and answers about travel cancellation insurance (FAQ)

Who is covered by the travel cancellation insurance?

In the tariff of the travel cancellation insurance are insured in case of travel cancellation:
  • insured persons among themselves who have booked a trip together and are named.
  • Dependents of an insured person. These include:
    • Spouse
    • children
    • parents, grandparents, parents-in-law
    • brothers and sisters
    • and depending on the insurance conditions

What does deductible or excess mean?

Travel cancellation insurance can be taken out with or without an excess:
What does excess or deductible mean?

  • If the travel cancellation insurance is concluded without a deductible, the insurance covers the full cancellation costs.
  • If the policy is concluded with a deductible, the respective tariff regulates the corresponding share of the insured person in the cancellation costs (20% deductible, minimum 25 euros). In other words, the amount that must be paid by the insured in the event of a claim. Cancellation costs refer to the part of the already paid travel costs which the tour operator does not reimburse in case of cancellation.

Important facts about travel cancellation insurance

  • The travel cancellation insurance ends with the start of the trip and does not cover any costs thereafter.
  • For financial damages, which arise, if one terminates the journey prematurely, there is the Trip interruption insurance.
  • In most cases, it is advisable to combine travel cancellation insurance with travel interruption insurance , which is already integrated in our tariffs or can be booked as an option.

Are some participants up to 64 years old and others 65 years and older?

Then 2 total travel prices are to be indicated:
The total travel price related to all participants with age up to 64 years and the total travel price related to all participants with age 65 years and older. Please make sure that the number of participants is correctly indicated for the respective age group.

Example with/without deductible

Example with deductible:
deductible at least 25 €; in case of illness 20% of the cancellation invoice, but at least 25 €37 participants (all max. 64 years old) Travel price per participant = 320 €

total travel price: 11.840 € premium: 236,80 €

Example without deductible:
37 participants (all max. 64 years old) Travel price per participant = 320 €

total travel price: 11.840 € premium: 319,68 €

Is travel cancellation insurance tax deductible?

No deductibility for private trips!
Insurance for private travel - including travel cancellation insurance - is in principle not deductible according to the law.

Deductibility for business trips
A travel cancellation insurance taken out for business trips and business trips due to professional travel reasons can be deducted as a business expense under incidental travel expenses.

What does the travel cancellation insurance not cover?

Not covered (WUV):

  • Failure of a student to transfer if it is not a school or class trip.
  • Fees incurred in obtaining foreign currency
  • Failure to catch a flight due to a delayed shuttle bus. (additional costs for rebooking)
  • Dangers of war, civil war or war-like events
  • Unexpected inoculation intolerance in a relative, if the relative is not also insured.
  • Pregnancy: if the mother of the minor insured is not insured
  • Damage to property: if the damage is not substantial in relation to the economic condition or assets of the injured party
  • Repetition of exams: If they do not have to be repeated in order to obtain an extension of school attendance/graduation. If, the trip was booked after the date of failed exam. An early exam is also not insured
  • If, due to the extension of a stay at a health resort, the trip is not started
  • If a) the mental illness already existed before the start of the trip and b)the treatment has not been carried out by a specialist doctor
  • a purely positive corona test (without symptoms)
  • Administrative costs, such as preparatory meetings held beforehand, are not included in the price of the trip.

What is considered insured with COVID19?

Insured Events (Trip Cancellation Basic Coverage AVB 21):

  • You or Your Traveling Companion become so ill (including diagnosis of an epidemic or pandemic disease such as COVID-19) or injured so severely that You are forced to cancel Your Trip. The following condition applies: A physician advises you or your travel companion to cancel your trip prior to travel cancellation.
  • A family member who is not traveling with you becomes ill (including a diagnosis of an epidemic or pandemic disease such as COVID-19) or injured. The following condition applies: The illness or injury must be determined by a physician to be life-threatening or require hospitalization
  • You or your travel companion are quarantined prior to your trip because you have been exposed to: a contagious disease, other than an epidemic or pandemic, or an epidemic or pandemic disease (e.g., COVID-19), but only if all of the following conditions are met: The quarantine specifically affects you or your travel companion. That is, you or your travel companion must be personally named in the quarantine order or directive and quarantined because of an epidemic or pandemic, and the quarantine has not been imposed generally (a) on any part or all of the population, or on any geographic area, building, or vessel. The quarantine must not have been imposed (b) because you or your travel companion have previously traveled to or come from a particular area. This condition (ii) applies even if you or your traveling companion are specifically quarantined by name.

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