Teacher cancellation insurance - Travel insurance for the school trip

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  • Up to 90 days
  • Acute illnesses
  • Pregnancy
  • Age limit up to 64 years

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Why is a teacher cancellation insurance necessary?

An unexpected illness or accident can lead to the absence of the accompanying teacher, so that a class trip cannot be started. So that the school class does not have to bear the costs that arise due to the absence of the teacher, a teacher absence insurance (teacher absence risk) should be concluded.

The teacher absence insurance covers the costs if a class trip has to be cancelled because the accompanying teacher cannot take part in the class trip for an insured reason.

The most important facts about teacher absence insurance:

  • The insurance covers the absence of an insured teacher travelling with the group due to an insured event.
  • Conclusion of the contract at the latest 14 days before the start of thetrip.
  • The total travel price of the group must be stated. This also represents the insured sum. The maximum limit is 30.000,- €.
  • A group trip for pupils requires the participation of at least five pupils up to a maximum of 30 years of age.
  • At least two accompanying supervisors must accompany the school trip. An age limit of max. 64 years applies for the accompanying teachers.

Do all teachers accompanying a group have to take out insurance?

No: It is possible that one teacher (of several) does not take out insurance, but if this teacher is not insured and is not named, no costs will be covered in the event of his/her absence. Therefore it is advisable that all accompanying teachers insure themselves!

Scope of benefits of the teacher cancellation insurance

Possible reasons for teacher cancellation:

  • Unexpected serious illness
  • Serious accident
  • Death of the insured
  • Vaccination intolerance
  • Pregnancy of an insured
  • Damage to the property of the insured person

Information on each of the covered causes can be found here ... *

The insured reasons correspond to those of a travel cancellation insurance.

Recommended additional insurance: Corona quarantine insurance

Insured events: In the case of the insured person, in the case of persons living in a domestic community with the insured person and in the case of insured persons who have booked and insured a trip together with another person,

  • there is asuspicion of infection with the coronavirus(COVID-19). This applies if, for this reason,domestic isolation(quarantine) becomes necessary as a result of an official measure (e.g. order) based on a legal basis (e.g. decree).
  • Aninfection with the coronavirus(Covid-19) has been diagnosed. This applies if, for this reason,domestic isolation (quarantine) becomes necessary as a result of an official measure (e.g. order) or an order by an authorized third party (e.g. doctor) on the basis of a legal basis (e.g. prescription).

Not covered:

  • Local, regional or supra-regional quarantine measures ordered by the authorities.
  • Contact or exit restrictions
  • Travel warnings
  • Quarantine after entry
  • Insured events that occurred prior to the commencement of insurance coverage.


  • The insured person bears 20 % of the recoverable damage himself, at least 25.- € per person.

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Teacher cancellation insurance - with or without deductible?

What does excess or deductible mean? A teacher cancellation insurance policy can be taken out with or without a deductible. If this is taken out without a deductible, the insurance covers the full cancellation costs. If taken out with a deductible, the insured person's share in the event of illness amounts to 20% of the recoverable loss. In all cases, however, at least 25, - € per person.

For teachers & pupils: All-round travel insurance for school trips

For school classes and student trips, we offer comprehensive coverage for class trips. The insurance cover can be selected individually:

  • International health insurance Property package, consisting of liability and accident insurance, legal expenses insurance
  • Teacher cancellation insurance
  • Travel cancellation insurance for pupils
  • Corona quarantine supplementary insurance
  • Baggage insurance.

With this package you have comprehensive insurance cover with worldwide validity for your entire group of teachers and students. So you can start the class trip, graduation trip well secured.

Validity and insurance period of the travel insurance package:

- Valid for German school groups when travelling to Germany/abroad and foreign school groups when travelling to Germany
- From a minimum of 5 persons with the same destination and date
- Insurance duration maximum 90 days.

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