Business travel insurance - International health insurance for business trips abroad

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  • any number of trips within one year
  • up to 56 days per trip
  • valid worldwide

from 17,- € per year

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What is business travel insurance?

The world is growing together a little more every day. Global data flows, international trade, meetings all over the world - for many companies and business people, global business is a daily reality. But while companies take precautions against many risks, such as currency fluctuations or political changes, one important element often goes unnoticed.

Employees who visit suppliers, attend meetings or carry out assembly work abroad are often inadequately covered. This is why business travel insurance exists, which can cover many risks not covered by a normal international health insurance policy for employees moving around the international arena. There are now many variations of such business travel insurance available, so it is important to compare costs and benefits carefully. Insurance cover for employees deployed abroad is offered by numerous, reputable insurance companies.

Who is business travel insurance for?

The offer of business travel insurance or business travel insurance is aimed at people who travel abroad for business reasons. In the event of a claim, it covers the costs of medical and dental treatment abroad and, if necessary, repatriation. Furthermore, repatriation costs, search, rescue and recovery measures are insured during the business trip.

What are the advantages of business travel insurance?

The business travel insurance is valid worldwide and as an annual health insurance for any number of trips especially suitable for stays abroad over a longer period of time.

In general, it is of course worthwhile to compare the different offers with each other, as the scope of benefits can differ from one insurer to another. Especially in unfamiliar regions abroad, the risk of illness or accident increases, so that a business travel insurance is a sensible coverage in any case. If unexpected illnesses occur, this can put a heavy strain on the company's finances and possibly even jeopardize the contract with which the employee left.

In addition, insurance for travel abroad is a strong argument in the job market. Taking out business travel insurance shows existing and new employees that the company cares about their well-being and promotes the willingness to accept assignments abroad.

Benefits: What risks does business travel insurance cover?

The package of a business travel insurance for company employees abroad includes a comprehensive annual travel health insurance for abroad. This includes medical and dental treatment as well as inpatient or outpatient hospital stays in the event of illness or accident.

The costs for necessary medication or bandages are also covered. The costs for a medically reasonable return transport home or, in the event of death, repatriation to the home country are also covered.

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How are the costs made up?

When comparing the various offers for business travel insurance , some price differences can be noticed. These are often due to different policy terms, which can range from a few weeks to several months. Companies can therefore make a choice here according to the expected duration of the employees' stay abroad.

Other factors that can make a difference in the price of business travel insurance are, for example, increased risks due to the employees' professional area of assignment or additionally selected modules. Conversely, companies with several employees on international assignments may be able to obtain a discount from the insurer. Overall, however, it can be assumed that the cost of business travel insurance is only a fraction of the costs that would be incurred by the company and the employee concerned in the event of an emergency.

Which services can be booked additionally?

The core component of a business travel insurance policy is always the international health insurance, the benefits of which cover all medical necessities in the respective host country without the employee having to bear the costs on site himself.

Building on this, further elements are available with which the insurance cover for company employees can be optimised. For example, the cover can often be combined with other insurance products such as liability insurance, travel cancellation or travel interruption insurance, legal expenses insurance or baggage insurance, so that the bottom line may be a significant saving compared to the individual components.

Family tariff:
In addition, it is possible to insure any accompanying family members of the employee. A maximum of 2 adults and a maximum of 7 children up to their 21st birthday are considered to be a family. No family relationship or common residence is required.

Why is statutory health and accident insurance not sufficient?

Although the statutory insurances offer a certain basic protection in some countries, this usually does not cover all costs incurred. If a business traveller falls ill abroad or has to be treated for an accident, high costs therefore often arise, for which the patient must initially pay himself and subsequently there is often only a partial reimbursement of costs. In addition, the statutory insurances do not offer any protection outside the EU. The statutory accident insurance only covers damages that occur during professional activities. If the employee has an accident abroad during his free time, he is not covered by accident insurance.

Worth knowing for employers

Employees are sent abroad - e.g. as "expat" or "expatriate" to a foreign branch office, usually for one to three years, or foreign colleagues come to Germany. Whether on short-term or longer-term business trips, it is always important that these people are provided with the best possible health insurance cover.

Employers often assume that the existing statutory or private health insurance cover is sufficient. Unfortunately, this is usually a mistake.

As an employer, you are obliged (in accordance with § 17 of the German Social Security Code V - Benefits in the event of employment abroad) to assume the costs of treatment for illnesses and accidents abroad for employees with statutory health insurance. The same applies to employees who do not have statutory health insurance, in accordance with the principle of equal treatment or out of a duty of care. Only the costs that would also have been incurred in Germany are reimbursed by the statutory health insurance.

Brief overview Business trip insurance up to 365 days:

International health insurance for business trips for stays of up to 365 days

  • Persons with residence in the Federal Republic of Germany can insure themselves.
  • A maximum of 2 adults and a maximum of 7 children up to their 21st birthday are considered as a family. No family relationship or common residence is required.
  • Worldwide validity for every business trip abroad up to 56 days each
  • Worldwide validity for each holiday trip abroad up to 56 days at a time
  • Premium calculated on a daily basis
  • extension within the maximum insurance period possible
  • Reimbursement of costs for medically reasonable repatriation
  • no deductible
  • no age limit
  • Reimbursement of excess premium paid in the event of premature return travel
  • Awarded by Stiftung Warentest as test winner issue 05/2019
  • The insurance is automatically renewed from year to year, unless it is cancelled one month before expiry

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Important: The insurance must be taken out before the start of the trip abroad

* NOTE: DISCLAIMER AND COPYRIGHT: This brief overview is an abbreviated form of presentation for the sake of clarity and is not exhaustive or binding. Only the written contents of the contract (these are, among others, the insurance policies and the insurance conditions) are valid. The brief overview cannot replace advice. Despite careful editing, no liability can be accepted. Errors excepted.

  Single person Family
Annual premiums up to 65 years 17 € 29 €
Annual premiums from 65 years 59 € 89 €

Insurance conditions

Business travel insurance: Annual health insurance for individuals or families: PDF Download

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Additional travel insurance

Travel Cancellation Insurance

  • Reimbursement of cancellation costs
  • Reimbursement of cancellation costs
  • optional Corona illness

from 1,07 € per trip

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Luggage insurance

  • Loss of luggage
  • Damage to luggage
  • Reimbursement for replacement purchases

from 25,- € per trip

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Annual cancellation insurance

  • worldwide travel cover
  • incl. Corona services
  • as many trips as you like

from 29 € per year

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Travel legal protection

  • Road traffic damage
  • Threat of punishment abroad
  • Legal dispute with tour operator

Additional insurance

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