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  • Liability insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Emergency insurance
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Our insurance solutions for working abroad

Work & Travel Insurance

  • Worldwide insurance cover
  • Term of up to 365 days
  • additional property packages possible

from 1,15 € per day

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Business trip insurance

  • up to 56 days per trip
  • Worldwide travel cover
  • without deductible

from 0,05 € per day

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Au Pair Insurance

  • up to the age of 34
  • Travel cover up to 5 years
  • additional property packages possible

from 0,90 € per day

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Voluntary social year

  • Worldwide insurance cover
  • Travel cover up to 5 years
  • additional property packages possible

from 0,90 € per day

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Harvest workers insurance

  • possible up to the age of 70
  • Term of up to 153 days
  • additional material packages possible

from 0,41 € per day

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Foreign guests

  • Cost absorption for care
  • up to 93 days per trip
  • no deductible

from 10 € per person

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Travel health insurance is essential when travelling abroad.

Working abroad can be diverse, we offer the right solutions for work-related stays abroad!

Whether you travel the world in the course of a voluntary social year, as an au pair, with a working holiday visa or for professional or private reasons. In any case, you need a travel health insurance as an insurance cover for a trip abroad! What about the benefits of the German health insurance companies? German health insurances (this also applies to many products and services of private health insurances) only reimburse the costs for a trip abroad that would have been incurred for the same treatment in Germany (also in other European countries). Doctors in Germany will only act with proof of cost coverage for the upcoming treatment. Therefore, for travellers to Germany as well as for Germans abroad, a travel health insurance is indispensable!

International travel health insurance - Comprehensive insurance cover when travelling abroad

For comprehensive insurance cover when travelling abroad, we recommend our property package with liability, accident and legal expenses insurance, as well as luggage insurance.Simply book the property package with additional benefits online when you take out the policy!

Particularly inexpensive: travel health insurance for more than once a year.

An annual foreign travel health insurance can be worthwhile already from 2 trips per year: from 9,90 Euro costs per year for one person and from 21,- Euro per year for families.

► Foreign travel health insurance for travel more than once a year

Benefits of the travel health insurance

In the event of illness abroad, the travel health insurance covers the following costs:

  • Hospitalisation and medication when travelling abroad.
  • Use of medical treatment (outpatient/inpatient)
  • costs for ambulance transport to treatment (hospital)
  • medically reasonable return transport of the patient to the home country
  • costs for additional services (travel for family members)

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