Harvest workers insurance: Insurance for harvest helper and seasonal workers

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  • up to 90 days
  • up to 64 years
  • versatile additional insurances selectable
  • outpatient and inpatient treatment

from 0,45 € per day

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What insurance does a harvest worker need?

Recommended insurances for harvest workers

Basic protection

Health insurance

Seasonal workers in the agricultural and forestry sector with foreign citizenship require health insurance as protection in case of illness. Here, additional costs incurred by treatment or hospitalization in Germany are covered. Also a necessary repatriation from Germany for a corresponding further treatment in the home country. Our health insurance also covers you if you have to be treated due to a Corona disease.

Benefits of the international health insurance (excerpt)

Insurance line Scope of insurance  
Health insurance abroad  
Medical expenses for outpatient and inpatient treatment 100 %, if medically necessary and unavoidable  
Pain-relieving dental treatment max. 500 € (not for existing dental damage)  
Repatriation costs for further treatment in the home country if medically reasonable and justifiable  
Repatriation costs in the event of death up to 25,000 €  


Recommended insurances

Our insurance package

Through our insurance package, you are covered against claims for damages from third parties and receive financial support in the event of an accident resulting in disability. Our property package can be taken out for a stay of up to 90 days.

Included in our property package are the following insurances:

  • Travel liability insurance
  • Accident insurance

Overview of services (excerpt)

Line of insurance Scope of insurance  
Travel liability insurance    
personal injury and property damage 5 Mio.  
financial loss 1 Mio.  
damage to rented immovable property 500.000 €  
damage to rented movable property 1.000 €  
with deductible 50 € per insured event  
loss of keys 2.000 €  
with deductible 150 € per insured event  
Travel accident insurance    
Disability benefit 55,000 € (123,750 € in case of 100 % disability)  
death benefit under 18 years 10.000 € / over 18 years 25.000 €  
Daily hospital allowance with convalescence benefit 10 €  
Rescue costs 5.000 €  

Who needs crop insurance?

As an agricultural business, you often employ seasonal workers as harvest assistants. Many of them come from other European countries and require additional protection. With our special rates for harvest worker insurance, we offer favorable insurance coverage for harvest workers while working in the agricultural sector in Germany. Our rates for harvest worker insurance apply to small and large farms.

What rates are available?

Harvester Standard:

In the AKV, services and treatments can be billed up to 1.7 times the rate of the fee schedule for physicians (GOÄ) or the fee schedule for dentists (GOZ). The insurance period for this tariff is max. 90 days!

Harvester Plus:

In the Plus insurance, services can be billed up to 2.3 times the rate of the GO. Compared to the standard tariff, there are higher insured sums and more benefits. This means that more expensive treatments are covered or treatment by a specialist.

What special regulations are there for harvest workers?

EU citizens can work as harvest workers in Germany at any time. They are treated the same as domestic persons and do not require a work permit.

Harvest workers from third countries can only be employed if a corresponding placement agreement exists between Germany and the third country.

Special regulations:

  • For harvest workers from Georgia, the placement is carried out exclusively via theCentral Foreign and Specialist Placement Office of the Federal Employment Agency.
  • UntilDecember 31, 2023, there is also a special arrangement for citizens from Western Balkan countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia). Seasonal workers can obtain a residence permit in Germany for any kind of employment, but not for temporary work. In addition, it is a prerequisite that abinding job offer can be presented and that all conditions under visa law are met.

Important information on insurance for harvest workers/seasonal workers:

  • Insurance coverage for seasonal agricultural workers in Germany
  • Health insurance as basic cover, optional additional travel accident and travel liability insurance can be taken out
  • Persons up to the age of 64 are eligible for insurance.

Note: As a German employer, please note corresponding special features of social security law if you employ foreign seasonal workers.

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Important questions and answers about harvest workers insurance

Who can take out insurance?

a) Persons up to their 65th birthday with foreign citizenship who are only temporarily staying in the Federal Republic of Germany as seasonal workers;

b) persons with German citizenship, if they have had their permanent residence abroad for more than two years and are only temporarily staying in Germany as seasonal workers.

What is the closing time?

The application for the conclusion of an insurance contract is possible within 14 days after entry into Germany. The date of entry must be proven upon request. After expiry of the 14-day period, the conclusion is no longer possible.

When does the insurance coverage begin?

Insurance coverage begins on the day of entry, at the earliest on the day following receipt of the application by the insurer. A further prerequisite is the payment of the premium owed.

What happens if the stay is extended?

The insurance contract must be concluded for the entire duration of the stay. In the case of a follow-up insurance within the maximum insurance period, the originally agreed contract period can only be extended if the follow-up insurance was submitted to the insurer before the original insurance contract expired. In the case of extension, insurance cover is only provided for the insured events that occurred after the application for the follow-up insurance.

Follow-up insurance beyond 91 days is not possible.

What is the arrangement if the harvester leaves early?

The contract can be terminated prematurely on the date of departure. For this purpose, HanseMerkur requires a short written notification within 14 days after the end of the trip about the date of departure. We will then terminate the contract and refund the excess premium collected. From 01.01.2013 the minimum premium is 5,- EUR per registration sheet. Premium refunds will also be made from this amount per declaration sheet.

What does short-term employment mean?

An employee is employed on a short-term basis if the employment has been limited in time in advance. For a calendar year, the time limit is three months (in case of a 5-day week) or 70 working days (in case of less than 5 working days per week).

Paying when concluding a contract online

Secure payment with verified SSL connection

Convenient payment with:

  • SEPA
  • Bill
  • credit card
  • Giropay
  • instant transfer

Other insurances for agricultural enterprises

In addition to the insurances for your harvest workers during seasonal work, we also offer other important insurances for your agricultural business:

Public liability insurance, accident insurance, legal expenses insurance, machinery insurance, contents insurance, buildings insurance, transport insurance, provident insurance.

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Who needs harvest workers insurance?

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