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What is expat health insurance?

Expat insurance is a long-term expatriate health insurance policy designed for expatriates on a permanent basis.

These include:

  • Expat
  • Digital nomads
  • Employees who are posted abroad
  • Long-term world travelers
  • Students studying abroad

Key benefits of our expatriate health insurance include:

  • Family-friendly rates
  • Flexible pricing & benefits
  • Support services around the clock
  • Medical consultation from home
  • Expat support program

In many countries, the insurance system is opaque and also fraught with bureaucratic hurdles, so it's all the better that you have the option of relying on strong insurance coverage.

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Our Expat Insurance Tariffs

Excerpt of the most important services
Care Plus
Care Pro
Maximum reimbursement amount
Accommodation in hospital
two-bed room
single room
single room
Outpatient surgery
Partial inpatient treatment/day hospital
Surgery costs
Intensive care
Long-term care
Max. 90 days for life
Max. 90 days for life
Max. 90 days for life
Organ transplant
Psychiatry and psychotherapy*
Costs for physicians and therapists*
Prescription drugs and supplies*
Preventive operations
Daily hospital allowance (per night)
€105 for max. 25 nights
€105 for max. 25 nights
€105 for max. 25 nights
from €147 per month
from €158 per month
from €230 per month
*only for inpatient and day-care treatment      

Which services can be booked additionally?

Maternity tariff

Benefits Bloom Bloom Plus  
Regular pregnancy 5.000 € 10.000 €  
Complications during childbirth 10.000 € 15.000 €  
Note: The maternity tariffs can only be purchased with the Care Pro or Care Plus main tariffs. The maternity tariff is not available with the Care main tariff.      


Excerpt of the most important benefits Active Active Plus Active Pro
Maximum reimbursement amount 5,000 € 8,725 € 19,000 €
General practitioner costs and prescription drugs 700 € 1,000 €
Cancer screening examinations X
Video counseling services**
Treatments for infertility X X 80% reimbursement up to €12,000 for life.
Note: Coverage for everyday or routine treatments, such as visits to the family doctor, diagnostic tests, vaccinations or costs for appointments with a specialist.      

Dental tariff

Benefits Smile Smile Plus
Maximum reimbursement amount 2,050 €
Dental treatments 80 % reimbursement 100 % reimbursement
Surgical dental procedures 80 % reimbursement 100 % reimbursement
Periodontal dental treatment 80 % reimbursement 100 % reimbursement
Orthodontics and dentures 50 % reimbursement 65 % reimbursement, up to € 5,000
Note: The following dental plans are optional. Smile Plus can only be taken out in combination with the main Care Pro tariff. Smile can be taken out together with the main tariffs Care Plus or Care Core. Our dental plans are not available individually.    

Return transport tariff

Medical repatriation
If the necessary treatment cannot be provided locally, you may elect to be repatriated to your home country rather than to the nearest appropriate medical facility
If ongoing treatment is required, we will reimburse the reasonable cost of hotel accommodation
Return transportation if there are insufficient controlled blood supplies
If, for medical reasons, the insured person cannot be transferred after completion of inpatient treatment and discharge from hospital, we will pay the reasonable costs for accommodation in a hotel ✓ (max. 7 days)
Costs for an accompanying person in case of medical repatriation 3,000 €.
Travel expenses for insured family members in the event of repatriation 2,000 € per.repat
Travel expenses for insured accompanying a family member whose life is in danger or a deceased family member 1.500 €
Note: If Treatment Guarantee is not obtained in advance for the benefits, we reserve the right to refuse the reimbursement request. If the medical necessity of the treatment is later proven, only 50% of the eligible costs will be reimbursed.  

International health insurance benefits

Digital management

With any internet-enabled device (computer, laptop, cell phone & tablet), you can access your contract content as well as service benefits.

  • Insurance benefits: Overview of your insurance coverage
  • Reimbursement requests: Submit your reimbursement requests and track their status online

Online medical consultation

Via the telemedicine hub of our cooperation partner Allianz, you receive a medical consultation by phone, video or chat. All you need is a smartphone or a device with Internet access. This is how easy it is to talk to a doctor:

  1. Open the MyHealth app or portal.
  2. Go to the health assistant.
  3. Select your location.
  4. Click "Talk to a doctor."
  5. Select your preferred language.
  6. Make an appointment.

Second medical advice

You have the option of seeking a second medical opinion if you are unsure about a diagnosis or due to a necessary surgery.

Health and wellness support program

In the Health and Wellness Support Program, you will find information on:

  • Nutrition,
  • Exercise and Fitness,
  • sleep
  • and emotional well-being.

With tips, tools, videos, articles and guides, you can protect yourself from preventable health risks: Services include a personal point of contact for policyholder support in the event of a cancer diagnosis.

Expat Support Program

The expat support program helps you, for example, with

  • the move abroad,
  • buying a property,
  • coping with loneliness
  • or finding childcare in the new country.

This confidential, multilingual support service offers professional advice for your new life as an expat.

> more information can be found here

Benefit from our comprehensive services

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Information on the claims process

Claims are handled by our partner Allianz Care.

Emergency number 24/7:

German: + 353 1 630 1302 English: + 353 1 630 1301

E-mail: medical.services@allianzworldwidecare.com

More information on the reimbursement procedure and tips in the event of a claim can be found in the PDF below.

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Frequently asked questions about expatriate insurance

Which scope can be selected?

You can choose between three different geographical areas of validity:

  • Worldwide
  • Worldwide except USA
  • Africa only

The cost of your coverage depends on your chosen area of coverage. The areas of coverage are subject to our General Terms and Conditions.

What are the payment options?

You can pay your insurance premiums annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly by direct debit or credit card. You may also pay by check or bank transfer, but monthly premium payments are not available for this payment method.

Payments are subject to the following surcharges: 0% for annual payment, 3% for semi-annual payment, 4% for quarterly payment, and 5% for monthly payment.

How long is the contract period? Can I cancel at any time if I pay monthly?

Most of our policies have a term of one year. However, we also offer a short-term tariff for insured persons who require international health insurance for less than one year.

All of our insurance products have a cooling-off period of 30 days from the start of the policy. After this period, you cannot cancel your policy until renewal, regardless of whether you pay monthly or annually. If you would like to receive more information, contact the Allianz team at the following telephone number: +353 1 514 8480.

Are children automatically insured as well?

Your dependents can be co-insured without risk assessment. They are subject to a separate insurance premium based on age, cost of medical care in the country of residence and possible special conditions for the insurance policy.

Can pre-existing conditions be included in the insurance coverage?

The insurance of pre-existing conditions is possible. However, a full medical underwriting applies to our policies. If your application for coverage is approved, pre-existing conditions may be insured without premium surcharge, insured with premium surcharge, or excluded from coverage, depending on the type of pre-existing condition. For more information on risk assessment with regard to pre-existing conditions, please contact the Allianz team on +353 1 514 8480, where you will receive detailed advice.

Insurance conditions

Expat health insurance for individuals or families: Download PDF

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