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  • valid in all states of the Schengen area
  • Coverage of all costs related to repatriation
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Traveling to Germany & Europe - why is international health insurance necessary?

Traveling to Germany and Europe can be an exciting experience, but it's also important to prepare for unexpected situations, especially when it comes to health and safety. Incoming health insurance is necessary for several reasons:

  • Visa requirements: our incoming health insurance meets the requirements for a Schengen visa. In addition, you will receive a confirmation of insurance coverage, which is recognized by embassies, consulates or border stations.

  • Medical costs: Medical care in Germany and many other European countries is of high quality, but can also be expensive. Without international health insurance, you could be responsible for any medical expenses incurred during your stay.

  • Unforeseen illness or injury: No one plans to get sick or injured, but these situations can arise at any time. Having health insurance abroad gives you peace of mind knowing that you will be taken care of in the event of a medical emergency.

  • Repatriation costs: In severe medical cases, medical repatriation to your home country may be necessary. These costs can be astronomical, and expatriate health insurance can cover these costs.

  • Protection against unexpected situations: In addition to illnesses and injuries, expatriate health insurance can also provide protection in other unexpected situations, such as in the case of a dental visit or a lost prescription.


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What are the requirements for visa travel insurance?

Schengen visa medical insurance is very important for travelers within Europe (Schengen area). It is designed to ensure that travelers receive medical services and are financially covered in the event of an accident, injury or other sudden event. For this reason, there are some requirements that must be met in order to obtain a visa.

What are the requirements for Schengen visa insurance?

  1. Minimum coverage: The insurance must provide a minimum coverage of 30,000 EUR.
  2. Coverage: It must cover all member states of the Schengen area.
  3. Comprehensive coverage: The insurance must cover all costs that may arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical care and/or emergency hospital treatment or death.


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Fulfills EU insurance obligation for Schengen visa application and that already from 0.99 € per day.

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What benefits does the incoming health insurance include?

Travel medical insurance for a Schengen visa (up to 1 year) includes the following benefits:

  • Hospital treatments
  • Art treatments
  • medical repatriation
  • painkilling dental treatments
  • search, rescue & recovery costs
  • 24h emergency hotline

Which travel insurances are still recommended for a trip to Europe?


Information on travel insurance:

Incoming insurance (information and services)

The incoming health insurance provides insurance cover for illnesses and accidents. In the event of an insured event occurring in the Schengen area, it provides reimbursement of expenses for medical treatment that cannot be postponed and other agreed benefits (only at the respective foreign place of stay).

Further important information and benefits of the individual travel health insurance:

For whom is this insurance:In principle, persons up to the completed 75th year of life are eligible for insurance. The age of admission depends on the selected tariff and may therefore differ
Period:Insurance coverage is provided for the period specified in the insurance policy, but for a maximum of 365 days for non-work-related trips abroad
Start of insurance:Insurance coverage begins at the agreed point in time (start of insurance), but not before the insurance contract is concluded and not before the premium is paid
Payment:Individual travel health insurance is obligated to pay when billing addresses are submitted and the required supporting documents are provided All supporting documents must include the name of the practitioner, the first and last name and date of birth of the person treated, as well as the disease name and the individual medical services with treatment dates
End of coverage:The insurance coverage ends - also for pending insured events - in each case with the end of the stay abroad or the insurance relationship or with the end of the return transport at the latest, however, with the end of the insurance

Insurance conditions for incoming health insurance

Material package (optional)

Our property package includes the following insurances:

  • Liability insurance
  • accident insurance and
  • Legal expenses insurance (only included if there are more than 5 travelers).

Thus you are covered against claims for damages by third parties and receive financial support in case of an accident.

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► Insurance conditions for accident insurance

► Insurance conditions for legal protection insurance

Overview of the benefits of the package in kind (excerpt)

Insurance line Scope of insurance  
Travel liability insurance    
personal injury and property damage 5 Mio.  
financial loss 1 Mio.  
damage to rented immovable property 500.000 €  
damage to rented movable property (except motor vehicles of all types) 1.000 €  
with deductible 50 € per insured event  
loss of keys 2.000 €  
with deductible 150 € per insured event  
Travel accident insurance    
Disability benefit 55,000 € (123,750 € with 100 % disability)  
death benefit under 18 years 10.000 € / over 18 years 25.000 €  
Daily hospital allowance with convalescence benefit 10 €  
Rescue costs 5.000 €  
travel legal protection    
judicial and extrajudicial assertion of claims for compensation  
Defense in criminal proceedings or administrative offenses for labor and social law proceedings  
sum insured 1,000,000 €  

Travel cancellation insurance

Description of benefits: The one-time travel cancellation insurance or travel cancellation insurance (RRV) of Bernhard Reise provides for the reimbursement of costs in the event of travel cancellation in the event of a serious reason for travel cancellation. This applies to all travel cancellation costs as a result of the unexpected non-arrival of your trip, whether it is a vacation or a business trip, especially for cancellation costs.

Excerpt from the benefits (key points):

  • Acute illness: coverage for sudden health problems that prevent travel.
  • Serious accident or death: coverage in case of serious accident or death of the insured or close relative.
  • Vaccine intolerance: coverage if unexpected vaccine intolerance occurs after a necessary vaccination for travel.
  • Pregnancy: coverage in case of unexpected pregnancy after booking the trip.
  • Damage to property: coverage in the event of significant damage to the insured's property, e.g. due to fire, burglary or natural disasters.
  • Exam repetition/non-passing: Protection for pupils and students if an exam has to be repeated or there is a non-passing that prevents the trip.

Baggage insurance

Luggage insurance from Bernhard Reise protects your luggage in case of loss or damage during the trip. It covers both the financial value of the luggage, which is often in the four-digit range, and the need for each individual piece of luggage during the trip. If the luggage is lost, there should be a quick and cost-neutral way to replace it.

Benefits - baggage insurance insures:

  • Luggage in the hands of others: Protection for luggage you give to others for safekeeping.
  • Delayed baggage delivery: coverage if your baggage is not delivered on time.
  • Criminal acts by third parties: coverage if third parties commit criminal acts involving your baggage.
  • Traffic Accident: coverage if your baggage suffers damage in a traffic accident.
  • Damage caused by fire, explosion or natural events: Protection for your baggage in the event of such events.

Internship damage (Erasmus Plus program)

Additional coverage for internship damage can only be purchased in conjunction with the liability insurance included in the property package. This is possible

  • within the framework of a study program or Erasmus Plus program
  • outside of a study or Erasmus Plus program

Thus, you are covered for internship damages during your stay abroad.


You can calculate and conclude your incoming insurance here

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Questions and answers about health insurance for Schengen visa (FAQ)

What insurance do I need as an expat in Germany or Europe?

Expats staying in the Schengen area for more than one year need expat travel insurance.

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I already have sufficient insurance coverage in my home country for a trip to Europe, do I need additional travel insurance?

No, if your insurance from your home country meets the requirements and is recognized by the visa office, you do not need additional Schengen visa insurance.

My travel dates have changed after I took out the insurance, what can I do?

You can easily change or adjust your travel data in our customer account online.

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