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Frequently asked questions and answers about travel insurance conditions and benefits.

We have arranged this FAQ page according to the frequency of requests and the importance of the topics.
Please Contact us if you have further questions or would like to send us a suggestion or addition to this page.

Application, processing and legal issues:

How long will it take to process my application and when can I expect to receive my insurance confirmation?

Your application will be processed promptly, usually on the same day. We will then send you the insurance confirmation for your travel insurance by e-mail at short notice. Please make sure that all personal data in the application are filled in correctly. If you urgently need the insurance confirmation for an authority (Foreigners' Office/University), please note this in your application form. We will be happy to send you the insurance confirmation to your contact details on the same day.

Right of withdrawal

You may revoke your contractual declaration in text form (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail) within 14 days without stating reasons. The period begins with the acceptance of the application and when you have received the contractual provisions including the General Insurance Conditions, the further information in accordance with Section 7 (1) and (2) of the Insurance Contract Act (VVG) in conjunction with Sections 1 and 4 of the VVG Information Duties Ordinance and this instruction in text form in each case. The timely dispatch of the revocation is sufficient to comply with the revocation period. The right of cancellation does not apply to contracts with a term of less than one month. The revocation must be sent to the insurer via BERNHARD Reiseversicherungsmakler GmbH, M├╝hlweg 2b, 82054 Sauerlach, fax +49(0)81 04 89 17 35, e-mail info@bernhard-reise.com.

Consequences of revocation

In the event of a valid revocation, the insurance cover shall end and we shall refund to you the part of the premium attributable to the period after receipt of the revocation if you have agreed that the insurance cover shall commence before the end of the revocation period. In this case, we may retain the part of the premium attributable to the period up to receipt of the revocation; this is an amount equal to the corresponding daily premium multiplied by the number of days on which insurance cover existed. Please refer to the application for the amount of the premium to be paid. The refund of premium to be paid back will be made immediately, at the latest 30 days after receipt of the revocation. If the insurance cover begins before the end of the revocation period, the effective revocation results in the return of benefits received and the surrender of benefits derived (e.g. interest).

Payment Processing:

Premium payment / premium

The premium for your insurance is a single premium that is due at the start of the contract for the entire contract term and is payable in one amount. The single premium is made up of the contract term (number of days/months) and the selected tariff. The currently valid insurance tax is included.

Direct debit authorisation with deferral of contributions / direct debit

If a direct debit mandate is issued, the insurer agrees to defer part of the single premium. The first instalment is collected from the account at the start of the contract. The following instalments will be collected from the account on a monthly basis. The amount of the partial amounts corresponds to the selected tariff for one month.

Bank transfer

In the case of bank transfer, the single premium is due in advance at the start of the insurance for the entire term. Your payment is deemed to be on time if it is made/received at the start of the contract for the entire term of the contract.

Payment by credit card

You can pay with the following credit cards: Mastercard / Visa / American Express.

If you pay by credit card, the one-off premium is due in advance at the start of the insurance for the entire term. Your payment is deemed to be on time if it is made/received at the start of the contract for the entire term of the contract. Insurance cover only exists for the period for which payments have been made. A prerequisite for insurance cover is the timely payment of premiums, preferably by direct debit or credit card.If the single premium or the first premium is not paid when the insured event occurs, the insurers are not obliged to provide benefits unless you are not responsible for the non-payment.

How can I pay my insurance premiums if I do not yet have a bank account in Germany?

You can pay by credit card, bank transfer or cash deposit.

Billing and performance:

How are medical bills billed?

You are responsible for paying the bill.We require the following documents / information for billing medical services:

  • Original doctor's bill (by mail)
  • Original prescription
  • Surname and first name
  • Insurance number
  • Your complete bank details (for reimbursement of the doctor's bill)

Reimbursement of the doctor's bill is made directly to you

Please note: Prescriptions can only be billed once the doctor's bill has been received - this can sometimes take time as you receive the prescription directly but the doctor may not bill you until the end of the quarter. The doctor should note the diagnosis on their invoice.

Is there a deductible to be paid for every case of treatment?

No, it depends on the tariff you have chosen, but in certain cases, such as dental treatment, dentures, medical aids or repatriation to the home country, there are also maximum limits.

Are there any benefits that are not covered by the insurance?

Please read the conditions of insurance carefully and contact us if you have any questions or uncertainties:

  • illnesses and consequences of accidents for the treatment of which the trip abroad was undertaken, as well as for treatments for which it was clear that they would have to take place if the trip had been carried out as planned and treatments for illnesses and consequences of accidents which already existed before the start of the contract
  • any kind of preventive examinations, check-ups or vaccinations
  • examinations for the issuance of certificates and expert opinions for the purpose of obtaining a residence permit
  • withdrawal and detoxification treatments
  • treatment of illnesses caused by intentional physical injury
  • Dental prosthesis
  • The insurance conditions of the insurer are decisive.

Is there a "waiting period" before claiming an insurance benefit?

As a rule, there is no waiting period. You have immediate protection and entitlement to benefits when you take out your international health insurance.

How long can I submit receipts for reimbursement?

The receipts must be submitted to your insurer within two months of the expiry of your international health insurance.

International Insurance:

If I have decided to take out international insurance, is it sufficient to do so online or do I still need to complete an original application afterwards?

It is sufficient and also legally binding if you submit your application for international insurance to us online.

How can I prove my health insurance to the Foreigners' Registration Office?

After taking out health insurance, you will receive a confirmation of insurance from us. As a rule, it is quite sufficient to submit a copy of it to the Aliens' Registration Office.

For how long should I apply for the insurance cover?

To be on the safe side, you should apply for insurance coverage for the entire expected duration of your stay.

If the duration of my stay abroad is not yet clear, for how long should I apply for insurance cover?

In your application for travel insurance you enter the expected duration of your stay. Should this change, please contact us by letter, fax or email to extend your insurance contract or to cancel it in writing.

What do I do if I fall ill abroad?

If you are ill and need to see a doctor, please note:Present the "Doctor's Information" to your doctor BEFORE treatment. The "doctor's information" tells your doctor how and what he/she may bill, when he/she must consult beforehand and which treatments are not included in the insurance.

Can I still take out international health insurance when I am already abroad?

No, the insurance cover must be taken out before leaving the country.

General questions:

Feature dentist treatment

Please note: The purpose of this insurance is to stop the pain or to treat/preserve the tooth. The insurance only covers the elimination of acute, newly occurring pain (emergency treatment). Please note the maximum limits per tariff.

What do you have to consider if an inpatient hospital stay becomes necessary?

Please also take the "doctor's information" and your insurance number (from the insurance confirmation) with you. The hospital will send a cost assumption application to BERNHARD Reiseversicherungsmakler GmbH / the insurer. In the event of an inpatient hospital admission, please inform us immediately - at the latest on the next working day. If you are not able to do this yourself, it is sufficient for a person you trust or the hospital itself to contact us, so that we can check the insured event as quickly as possible and avoid any cost risk for you. Settlement takes place directly between the insurer and the hospital providing treatment - without any advance payment by you.

What do I do after an accident?

After an accident, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Please report the accident immediately afterwards. - If an accident results in death, BERNHARD Reiseversicherungsmakler GmbH / the insurer must be informed within 48 hours.

What do I do if I have a liability claim?

Please do not make any acknowledgement of debt!Please always make it clear that you must not make any admission of guilt or promise to make payments without consulting your insurance company. The examination of whether you are at fault is carried out exclusively by the insurer. The insurer will settle all necessary matters directly with the injured party on your behalf.

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