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What is the German American Partnership Program (GAPP)?

GAPP is a student exchange program between Germany and the USA to promote school partnerships. School classes from both countries can visit each other to get to know the language and culture of the host country better. Information on how to find partner schools can be found at the bottom of this page.

For American schools that already have German classes or are planning to do so, funding can also be applied for.

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What travel insurance do you need for a GAPP exchange?

Recommended travel insurance

Basic protection

Health insurance abroad

The most important travel insurance for lecturers, collegiate students and interns when traveling abroad is the international health insurance, which you can purchase here directly for the desired travel period and the participating person.

Benefits of the international health insurance (excerpt)

Insurance line Scope of insurance  
Health insurance abroad  
Medical expenses for outpatient and inpatient medical treatment  
Pain-relieving dental treatment  
Repatriation costs for further treatment in the home country if medically necessary and justifiable  
Repatriation costs in the event of death  


All-round insurance cover

Travel Cancellation Insurance

Travel cancellation insurance covers the cancellation or rebooking costs if you cannot start the trip for an insured reason. In addition, you also have insurance coverage in the event of trip interruption, i.e. if you have to end the trip prematurely.

Important information on the scope of insurance in relation to Corona:

In the event of Corona illness, the following applies: in deviation from the underlying conditions, Pandemic (Corona/ Covid-19) is deemed to be covered. Please note that an exclusively positive test does not constitute an illness.

In the event of a corona-relatedquarantine, you can additionally book our Corona supplementary module.

► Insurance conditions for travel cancellation insurance

Corona quarantine supplementary insurance

Corona Quarantine Supplemental Insurance may be purchased in addition to Travel Cancellation Insurance.

Insured events:

In the case of the insured person, in the case of persons living in a domestic community with the insured person and in the case of insured persons who have booked and insured a trip together with another person

  • there is a suspicion of infection with the coronavirus (COVID-19). This applies if, for this reason, domestic isolation (quarantine) becomes necessary as a result of an official measure (e.g. order) based on a legal basis (e.g. prescription).
  • an infection with the coronavirus (COVID 19) has been diagnosed, provided that for this reason domestic isolation (quarantine) becomes necessary as a result of an official measure (e.g. order) or an order by an authorized third party (e.g. doctor) on the basis of a legal basis (e.g. prescription).

Not covered are:

  • officially ordered local, regional or supra-regional quarantine measures.
  • Contact or exit restrictions
  • Travel warnings
  • Quarantine after entry
  • insured events that occurred before the start of the insurance cover.

Deductible: The insured person bears 20% of the recoverable damage himself, at least 25.- € per person.

► Insurance conditions

FAQ's for the Corona supplementary insurance

Our insurance package

For comprehensive coverage during your trip, we recommend our insurance package with liability, accident, and legal protection insurance as an optimal supplement to the international health insurance. This allows you to enjoy your stay in Germany without worries. Simply book the property package when you take out the policy online.

Travel liability insurance

Travel liability insurance is absolutely recommended for foreign lecturers in order to protect themselves against claims for damages against third parties, which may arise from personal injury, property damage or financial loss. In Germany, these can be very high. The insurance can be taken out until the day of departure. The liability insurance covers the costs of damages caused by you for the duration of your stay.

Travel liability cannot be booked separately, it can only be taken out in conjunction with the property package if you have the appropriate travel insurance.

Travel accident insurance

Travel accident insurance is also included in our property package and basically works like private accident insurance. It provides financial compensation after accidents and also provides financial support in the event of disability, total disability or accidental death.

Legal expenses insurance

In Germany, legal disputes can incur immense costs, and legal expenses insurance covers lawyer's fees and court costs. Travel legal protection insurance cannot be booked separately, but only as part of the property package.

    Overview of services (excerpt)

    Line of insurance Scope of insurance  
    Travel liability insurance    
    personal injury and property damage 5 Mio.  
    financial loss 1 Mio.  
    damage to rented immovable property 500.000 €  
    damage to rented movable property 1.000 €  
    with deductible 50 € per insured event  
    loss of keys 2.000 €  
    with deductible 150 € per insured event  
    Travel accident insurance    
    Disability benefit 55,000 € (123,750 € in case of 100 % disability)  
    death benefit under 18 years 10.000 € / over 18 years 25.000 €  
    Daily hospital allowance with convalescence benefit 10 €  
    Rescue costs 5.000 €  
    travel legal protection    
    judicial and extrajudicial assertion of claims for damages  
    Defense in criminal proceedings or administrative offenses for labor and social law proceedings  
    Sum insured 1,000,000 €  



    Additional coverage Pratikum damage

    Insurance coverage of legal liability within the scope of an internship for personal injury and property damage and resulting financial losses. The supplementary insurance Internship Damage can only be taken out in conjunction with the Property Package.

    ► Insurance conditions

    Legal expenses insurance

    Legal protection insurance supports you in legal disputes abroad by reimbursing the costs of lawyers, court and experts.

    ► Insurance conditions for legal protection insurance

    Baggage insurance

    Baggage insurance reimburses you for the costs of the contents of your baggage in the event of theft, robbery or destruction by fire, for example.

    ► Insurance conditions for baggage insurance

    Who can take out GAPP insurance?

    • Groups of 5 or more with the same destination and date of travel
    • Insurance for German students, teachers and other accompanying persons for travel to the USA 
    • American students, teachers and accompanying persons in Germany
    • Participants to be insured must not be older than 64 years (also the chaperones/teachers)

    Important information about GAPP insurance

    • The maximum term of the insurance is 90 days
    • The entire travel insurance is valid worldwide, except in war zones!
    • The currently valid insurance tax is already included in the premiums (health insurance is tax-free).
    • Contract conclusion for the teacher cancellation insurance, travel cancellation and corona quarantine insurance is at the latest 14 days before the start of the trip.
    • For travel prices over 10,000 €, the travel cancellation insurance must be taken out at least 30 days before the start of the trip.
    • If the students have several travel periods: We need at least 5 participants for one insurance period with the same scope of insurance. The participants are to be divided according to the insurance period when taking out the insurance online. If necessary, more than one insurance policy must be taken out. The insurances and groups can be managed via the customer account.

    ► Information sheet on GAPP insurance

    Note: Only the contents and wording of the insurance policy and the insurance conditions are legally binding.

    Information on GAPP student exchange for teachers:

    Frequently asked questions about GAPP travel insurance - and answers

    What additional insurance is needed if individual participants cannot make the GAPP trip?

    In the event that individual insured participants/students/teachers are unable to participate in the GAPP trip due to acute serious illness, accident or death, you will need travel cancellation insurance. This will provide reimbursement of cancellation costs for these individuals in the event of trip cancellation. However, the other insured participants will take part in the trip.

    Costs of a travel cancellation insurance
    : If all persons to be insured are max. 64 years old and the travel price per person is max. 3,000 euros, the insurance costs are:
    a) with deductible: 2 % of the stated total travel price
    b) without deductible: 2.7 % of the stated total travel price.

    Trip cancellation insurance
    : can be optionally booked at the time of booking

    Booking deadline
    Please note that for trip cancellation insurance an online booking is required at least 14 full days before departure!

    Why is a travel cancellation insurance worthwhile?

    Insured reasons for travel cancellation

    What additional insurance is needed if the GAPP trip does not happen due to teacher cancellation?

    In the event that the entire GAPP trip cannot take place because a teacher cannot participate in the GAPP trip due to acute serious illness, accident or death and no other teacher can stand in for him/her, you need the so-called teacher cancellation insurance. This covers the cancellation costs.

    Total trip price
    The maximum limit of the total trip price for the GAPP trip is 30,000 Euros.

    The teacher cancellation insurance (with/without deductible) can be booked easily with a click when booking the GAPP travel insurance.

    Booking deadline
    Please note that online booking is required at least 14 full days before the start of the trip for teacher absence insurance!

    More information about the teacher absence insurance ...

    What if the travel time of one or more participants differs from the main group?

    Register main group online
    If the travel period of one or more participants differs from the main group, please register the main group online with 1 travel period (minimum 5 participants).

    Deviating participants
    Then send us an email with the booking number and the participants (first name, last name, date of birth) with the deviating travel period(s). We will then insure them with the booking number -A, -B, -C, ... insure.

    Payment for different travel periods
    Please note that payment for participants with different travel periods can only be made by bank transfer or direct debit (not by credit card).
    To avoid the high transfer fees, you may want to ask your German partner school to do the transfer for you and hand over the money in Germany. If you prefer to pay by direct debit from a German account, please indicate the account holder + IBAN.

    What should I bear in mind when booking?

    Data of the participants
    If you register online, please make sure that you have the first and last name as well as the date of birth of all participants available.

    Provide a guest address
    The "guest address" requested at the beginning of the online registration is the address of the host school inviting the students to come.

    Detailed Confirmation
    Do you need a detailed confirmation with the names of the insured? If so, please DO NOT upload a list of attendees, but manually enter their names and dates of birth.
    This will allow us to create a named confirmation. Alternatively, if the invoice/confirmation is sufficient, you can upload a list of participants (Excel, Word, pdf).

    How to pay at the time of booking?

    Credit card
    Payment by credit card is only possible with online registration.

    Bank transfer
    If you would like to pay by bank transfer, please state the invoice number (= voucher number) and note that the bank charges are to be paid by you.

    Direct debit
    If you prefer to pay by direct debit from a German account, we need the account holder, IBAN and BIC.

    What does the international health insurance not cover?

    Not insured are:

    • Travel abroad for professional reasons
    • Treatments by non-medical practitioners
    • Childbirth, interruptions of pregnancy and examinations and treatments due to pregnancy
    • Nutritional and tonic preparations, cosmetic preparations
    • additional purchase of medicines during a trip
    • new dental prosthesis including crowns, dental cosmetics, orthodontics and implantology
    • Mental and emotional disorders, psychosomatic treatment
    • Purchase of aids, e.g. glasses, contact lenses, insoles, prostheses, bandages, forefoot relief shoe
    • Illnesses/accidents as a result of pandemics or foreseeable war events, attempted suicide, addiction, alcohol, drugs (war events are foreseeable if there is a warning from the Foreign Office prior to travel. The terrorist attacks in Paris or Brussels do not count as war events).
    • Accommodation caused by need of care or custody
    • Spa and sanatorium treatments and rehabilitation measures
    • Salvage costs
    • Costs for PCR tests or antigen tests in connection with entry and exit from the country
    • Costs of transporting a Covid contact to a hospital (e.g., to a testing station to determine whether or not he or she is positive)
    • Additional costs at the destination due to quarantine (longer stay in accommodation, flight rebooking costs, etc.) because the travel time has to be extended and the infected person or contact person flies back later
    • Costs for an adult escort to accompany the minor student(s) in the event of repatriation for further treatment in the home country

    What is covered under an overseas health insurance policy in the event of a Covid-19 illness?

    • Treatment of an acute Covid-19 disease (Attention: a positive Corona test does not yet represent a disease!)
    • Corona test for diagnostic purposes in the context of medical treatment abroad

    How do I register if the tour guide or other participants have a different insurance period than the group?

    The GAPP main group (same travel period, same product and same destination) can register viathis link.

    Participants whose travel period differs from the main group register as"foreign guests in Germany".

    If the GAPP registration has not been done yet:

    We ask the customer to register them as foreign guests in Germany.

    If the GAPP registration including travel cancellation insurance has already been done:

    The customer registers the participant with a different travel period under foreign guests in Germany, butWITHOUT travel cancellation insurance.

    He enters the date on which the guest insurance begins as the entry date (so that he can complete the registration).

    After the conclusion he sends us an email that it is an extension of the GAPP-Vers. xx. In this way it can be ensured that the total allowed travel period is not exceeded.

    Paying when concluding a contract online

    Secure payment with verified SSL connection

    Convenient payment with:

    - Direct debit / Bank collection

    - bank transfer

    - Credit card (Mastercard / VISA / American Express)

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