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Who can take out long-term health insurance abroad?

Most international health insurances are only valid up to a maximum of 60 days. If you want to travel longer, you need a long-term international health insurance.

In principle, anyone can take out this insurance, regardless of whether they are

  • Temporary expatriates    
  • Digital nomads,
  • employees who are sent abroad,
  • long-term world travelers,
  • or students abroad

Why does it make sense to purchase travel insurance through an insurance broker?

  • An insurance broker provides expertise and advice for the selection of appropriate travel insurance.
  • Support in the event of a claim, including assistance with claims settlement.
  • Works in the interest of the client, not the insurance company.
  • Customized solutions can be offered to cover specific travel needs.
  • Brokers work with a variety of insurance companies to provide a wide range of options, allowing them to recommend the best possible travel insurance.

Long term health insurance abroad comparison

  Würzburger HanseMerkur Allianz Care
max. travel time up to 1 year up to 5 years up to 5 years
Service overviewPDFPDFPDF
Worldwide insurance protection possible possible possible
Deductible health insurance abroad - 25 € selectable
Age limit 74 years 74 years 74 years
Services very good very good very good
possible additional services many many very many

Insurance benefits

Overview of benefits Tariffs Würzburger

Excerpt of the main services
Medical expenses for outpatient and inpatient treatment, if medically necessary and unavoidable
100 %
Pain-relieving dental treatment Simple dental fillings and repairs of dentures up to 100% Note: Exclusion of orthodontics
max. 500 € (not for existing dental damage)
Repatriation costs for further treatment in the home country
if medically reasonable and justifiable
Transfer costs in case of death
up to 25.000 €
Daily premium for health insurance per participant  
up to 34 years
0,99 €
35 – 64 years
1,25 €
from 65 years
2,10 €
Daily premium for travel to the USA / Canada  
up to 34 years
2,50 €
35 – 64 years
2,70 €
from 65 years
4,20 €

Additional Würzburger benefits (optional)

Insurance segment Insurance coverage  
Travel liability insurance    
Personal injury and property damage 5 Mio. €  
Property damages 1 Mio. €  
Damage to rented immovable property 500.000 €  
Damage to rented movable property (except for all types of motor vehicles) 1.000 €  
With deductible 50 € per insured event  
Key loss 2.000 €  
With deductible 150 € per insured event  
Travel accident insurance    
Disability payment 55.000 € (123.750 € with 100% disability)  
Death benefit Under 18 years 10.000 € / Above 18 years 25.000 €  
Daily hospital allowance with convalescence benefit 10 €  
Rescue costs 5.000 €  
Travel legal protection included for more than 5 people  
Judicial and extrajudicial assertion of claims for damages  
Defense in criminal proceedings or administrative offenses for labor and social law proceedings  
Insured amount 1.000.000 €  

Overview of benefits HanseMerkur tariffs

Overview of benefits of the long-term health insurance:

max. travel timeup to 1 yearup to 5 years
Outpatient treatment

Costs of outpatient treatment

100 %100 %

Ambulance transports

-100 %

Rehabilitation measures

-100 %

Preventive medical examinations after 6 months waiting period - per insurance year:

– For early detection of cancer

-200 EUR

– Screenings for children

-100 %

Psychoanalytic or psychotherapeutic treatments (maximum 10 sessions)

-2.000 EUR

Inpatient treatment

Costs of inpatient treatment

100 %100 %

Ambulance transport

100 %100 %

Accompanying person in the hospital for children up to 18 years of age

-100 %

Sick visit and up to 10 nights in hotel

-2.500 EUR

Hotel accommodation of insured fellow travelers for a maximum of 10 days

-1.000 EUR

Rehabilitation measures

-100 %

Optional alternative daily allowance up to 14 days per day

50 EUR75 EUR

Dental treatments

Analgesic conservative dental treatments

100 %100 %

Dental fillings in simple selection

100 %100 %

Repairs of existing dentures

100 %100 %

Dentures due to an accident

500 EUR2.000 EUR

Dentures after 6 months waiting period:

-80 %

– in the first two insurance years in total for both years

-1.000 EUR

– in each additional insurance year

-1.500 EUR

Medication, dressings, remedies or aids

Medication and dressings

100 %100 %


– Light and other physical treatments

100 %100 %

– Massages, packs, inhalations, physiotherapy

-100 %

Auxiliary means:

– Accidental aids

100 %100 %

– Repairs of existing aids per insurance year

250 EUR500 EUR

– Initial acquisition of aids

-100 %

Visual aids

-200 EUR


Examinations, treatments in case of complications, premature birth, miscarriage

100 %100 %

Preventive examinations and childbirth

250 EUR100 %

Treatment costs of the premature baby

100 %100 %

Repatriation, repatriation, funeral

Return transport of sick person including transport costs of an accompanying person

100 %100 %

Repatriation or burial abroad up to the amount of the repatriation costs

100 %100 %

Rescue costs

Search, rescue and recovery costs

-5.000 EUR


Costs for the care of minor children and additional costs for their return journey or costs of accommodation with the carers in hospital

-100 %

Additional services

Telephone costs when contacting the emergency service

-100 %

Shipping of medicines (shipping costs)

-100 %

Information about doctors and hospitals at the place of stay

100 %100 %

Transmission of information between doctors

100 %100 %

Luggage retrieval

-100 %

Psychological support

-100 %

Medical Interpreter Service

-100 %

Expense allowance

– in the case of outpatient treatment, once and regardless of the number of treatments

25 EUR25 EUR

– for inpatient treatment up to 14 days and per day

50 EUR50 EUR


no deductibleno deductible

Additional HanseMerkur benefits (optional)

A professional tariff is also available for travel health insurance up to 365 days.

Luggage insurance (optional / only in the professional tariff)

Sum insured per insured event-2.000 EUR

Compensation limits - for the items listed below, compensation is limited to the following amounts per insured event:

Valuables-1.000 EUR

Spectacles, contact lenses, hearing aids, musical instruments, each with accessories - per item up to

-250 EUR

Golf and diving equipment, bicycles, electric bicycles and e-scooters each with accessories up to

-1.000 EUR

Surfboards and sail surfing equipment each with accessories up to

-1.000 EUR

Mobile phones, smartphones and tablet PCs each with accessories up to

-500 EUR

Other IT equipment and electronic entertainment equipment, in each case with accessories up to

-1.000 EUR

If the delivery period is exceeded, we shall reimburse the proven expenses for necessary replacement purchases up to

-500 EUR

Deductibleper insured event

-50 EUR

Insured events

Damage to luggage in custody


Delayed delivery of luggage


Criminal acts of third parties, traffic accidents or natural hazards


Travel liability insurance (optional)

Liability risks of everyday life

1 Mio. EUR2,5 Mio. EUR

Liability claims due to damage to rented property per insured event (deductible: 20 % of the ascertained damage, at least 50 EUR)

10.000 EUR25.000 EUR

Damage in the host family's household (excess: 10 % of the determined damage, minimum 200 EUR)

10.000 EUR25.000 EUR

Damage resulting from the activity as an au pair (excess: 20% of the determined damage, at least EUR 50)

1 Mio. EUR2,5 Mio. EUR

Key loss

-250 EUR

Property damage

-10.000 EUR

Professional liability (excess: 10 % of the determined damage, at least 200 EUR)

-25.000 EUR

Bad debt insurance (excess: 10 % of the determined damage, at least 200 EUR)

-10.000 EUR

Travel accident insurance (optional)

Insured benefits

Sum insured in the event of disability (progression in the event of more than 25 % disability 350 %) up to

20.000 EUR60.000 EUR

Sum insured in case of death

10.000 EUR20.000 EUR

Sum insured for children up to the age of 18 years

5.000 EUR10.000 EUR

for rescue costs

5.000 EUR10.000 EUR

for cosmetic operations

5.000 EUR10.000 EUR

Insured events

Damage to health due to an accident event


Strains, torn ligaments



no deductibleno deductible

Emergency insurance (optional)

In case of illness/accident


Return travel costs to the home country in case of illness of family members

-1.000 EUR

In the event of trip interruption or delayed return journey (loan for additional costs)

due to illness, accident or death


due to kidnapping until

10.000 EUR15.000 EUR

Travelling call


For prosecution

Assistance in the event of imprisonment and threat of imprisonment (loan) up to

1.000 EUR2.500 EUR

Loan on Criminal Bail

10.000 EUR15.000 EUR

In case of loss of means of payment and documents

Loss of travel funds (loan) up to

-500 EUR

Assistance in case of loss of credit cards and EC or Maestro cards


Loss of travel documents


Help with rebookings/delays



no deductibleno deductible

Overview of benefits Allianz tariffs

Extract of the most important services
Care Plus
Care Pro
Maximum refund
500.000 €
1.125.000 €
2.250.000 €
Hospital accommodation
Double room
Single room
Single room
Outpatient operations
Partial inpatient treatment/day clinic
Operating costs
Intensive care
Long-term care
Max. 90 days for life
Max. 90 days for life
Max. 90 days for life
Organ transplantation
Psychiatry and Psychotherapy*
Costs for doctors and therapists*
Prescription medicines and materials*
Preventive operations
30.000 €
Daily hospital allowance (per night)
105 € for max. 25 nights
105 € for max. 25 nights
105 € for max. 25 nights
from 147,- € per month
from 158,- € per month
from 230,- € per month

► Comparison of the complete services

*only for inpatient and day-care treatment      

Additional Allianz benefits (optional)

Maternity tariff

Benefits Bloom Bloom Plus  
Regular pregnancy 5.000 € 10.000 €  
Complications during childbirth 10.000 € 15.000 €  
Note: The maternity tariffs can only be purchased with the Care Pro or Care Plus main tariffs. The maternity tariff is not available with the Care main tariff.      

Outpatient tariff

Extract of the most important services Active Active Plus Active Pro
Maximum refund 5.000 € 8.725 € 19.000 €
General practitioner costs and prescription medicines 700 € 1.000 €
Cancer screening X
Video consulting services**
Infertility treatments X X 80 % Reimbursement up to €12,000 for life
Note: Cover for everyday or routine treatment, such as GP visits, diagnostic tests, vaccinations or costs of appointments with a specialist.      

Dental tariff

Benefits Smile Smile Plus  
Maximum refund 2.050 €  
Dental treatments 80 % Refund 100 % Refund  
Surgical dental procedures 80 % Refund 100 % Refund  
Periodontal dental treatment 80 % Refund 100 % Refund  
Orthodontics and dentures 50 % Refund 65 % Refund, up to 5.000 €  
Note: The following dental tariffs are optional. Smile Plus can only be taken out in combination with the Care Pro Core Plan. Smile can be taken out together with the main tariffs Care Plus or Care Core. Our dental tariffs are not available individually.      

Return transport tariff

Medical repatriation    
If the necessary treatment cannot be provided locally, you may choose to be transported back to your home country instead of to the nearest appropriate medical facility    
If ongoing treatment is necessary, we will reimburse the reasonable costs of accommodation in a hotel    
Return transport if no sufficiently controlled blood reserves are available    
If, for medical reasons, the insured person cannot be transferred after completion of inpatient treatment and discharge from hospital, we will pay the reasonable costs of accommodation in a hotel ✓ (max. 7 Tage)    
Costs for an accompanying person in the event of a medical return transport 3.000 €    
Travel costs for insured family members in the event of repatriation 2.000 € per.repat    
Travel expenses for insured persons accompanying a family member whose life is in danger or a deceased family member 1.500 €    
Note: If Treatment Guarantee is not obtained in advance of benefits, we reserve the right to reject the claim for reimbursement. If the medical necessity of the treatment is subsequently proven, only 50% of the eligible costs will be reimbursed.      

Calculate now free of charge & without obligation your health insurance abroad:


Guests abroad/in Germany for up to one year:

from 30 € per month

► Calculate insurance


German guests abroad up to 5 years:

from 52 € per month

► Calculate insurance


Foreign guests up to five years in Germany:

from 105 € per month

► Calculate insurance

Note: Only the contents and wording of the insurance policy and the insurance conditions are legally binding.

What costs does the international health insurance cover?

In the event of an illness or accident occurring during a trip, the travel health insurance reimburses the costs of medical treatment incurred abroad. Medical treatment is defined as medically necessary

  • Medical outpatient treatments incl. X-ray diagnostics
  • Pregnancy treatments, deliveries in the case of premature births, treatments for miscarriage and abortion
  • pain-relieving conservative dental treatment including fillings and repairs
  • medically prescribed medicines and dressings
  • medically prescribed radiation, light and other physical treatments
  • medically prescribed aids
  • operations that cannot be postponed
  • in-patient treatment that cannot be postponed
  • Additional costs for a return transport to the nearest suitable hospital at the place of residence of the insured person
  • Costs of transport for in-patient treatment to the nearest suitable hospital and back to accommodation
  • Transfer costs in the event of death or funeral costs

Note: This is an extract from the insurance conditions. Only the contents and the wording of the insurance conditions and the insurance policy are legally binding.. 

You will find more detailed information on the costs of travel health insurance abroad in the insurance conditions.

Why travel health insurance makes sense:

On the road in Asia with a scooter

Riding a scooter in Asia is very popular. However, it often comes with certain challenges. Opaque traffic rules, poor road conditions and the scooter has usually seen better days! These factors increase the risk of a road accident. The high temperatures also mean that you don't wear thick clothes. In the event of a fall, this can quickly lead to abrasions or worse. To avoid the dangers of infection, or to treat worse injuries, it is advisable to see a doctor. With international health insurance, you will not incur any unexpected costs, as medical outpatient treatment, including X-ray diagnosis, is included in the insurance benefits.

Hiking abroad

Hiking is one of the most popular travel activities. Be it an easy hike to a vantage point or a challenging tracking trail into nature or the mountains. What they all have in common is that they take you into unknown territory. No matter how well you inform yourself in advance, the paths are not always signposted as you know them in Germany (or in a language you can't read). The same applies to securing the paths, especially in remote areas, maintenance is often neglected. Due to the unfamiliar environment and the increased concentration required, the probability of an accident increases. If this undesirable case should occur, it can become quite problematic. There may be a doctor in the next village, but the necessary tools for treatment are in the hospital far away. Transport can be immensely costly, so it makes sense to take out an overseas health insurance policy that covers the cost of ambulance transport for in-patient treatment to the nearest suitable hospital and back to your accommodation.

Unexpected dental visit

A topic that is thought about far too rarely, but happens more often than one thinks. Tempting scents or recommended delicacies typical of a country make you try dishes that you sometimes didn't even know existed. So how do you know how to eat it or what you can eat from it? If you bite into something hard, a filling can come off. Some fruits are also so acidic that after eating them, the gums hurt. We all know how expensive dental visits can be. To avoid having to pay for them, play it safe and take out travel health insurance.

Insurance conditions of the health insurance abroad

Download our insurance conditions:


► Insurance conditions Würzburger

► Insurance conditions HanseMerkur

► Insurance conditions Allianz


Note: Only the contents and the wording of the insurance policy and the insurance conditions are legally binding.

Paying when concluding a contract online

Secure payment with verified SSL connection

Convenient payment with:

  • Direct debit / Bank collection
  • bank transfer
  • Credit card (Mastercard / VISA / American Express)

Other important travel insurances

Travel Cancellation Insurance

  • Reimbursement of cancellation costs
  • Reimbursement of cancellation costs
  • optional Corona illness

from 1,07 € per trip

    ► book now

    more information

    Luggage insurance

    • Loss of luggage
    • Damage to luggage
    • Reimbursement for replacement purchases

    from 25,- € per trip

      ► book now

      more information

      Annual cancellation insurance

      • worldwide travel cover
      • incl. Corona services
      • as many trips as you like

      from 29 € per year

      ► book now

      more information

      Travel legal protection

      • Road traffic damage
      • Threat of punishment abroad
      • Legal dispute with tour operator

      Additional insurance

        ► more information


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