Our international health insurance for as many trips as you like per year

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  • up to 56 days per holiday trip
  • no deductible in case of illness
  • Outpatient and inpatient treatment
  • family rates from 21,00 € per year

from 9,90 € per year for one person

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Health insurance for holidays abroad

With our international health insurance for travel abroad you are comprehensively covered. For a dream holiday, free from all worries!

According to statistics, every tenth traveller falls ill on holiday. The statutory health insurance companies do not cover all costs within the EU. There are also cases in which the treating doctor does not recognise the European Health Insurance Card and demands a private fee from you. In such cases, your statutory health insurance at home will only reimburse you the respective contract rate of your travel country. If you need to be repatriated from your country of travel for medical reasons, you will have to bear the entire costs yourself, even if you have private health insurance.

We therefore strongly recommend that you take out international health insurance before travelling abroad. Preferably an annual international health insurance!

Travel medical insurance for traveling more than once a year:

The annual international health insurance

An annual international health insurance is particularly worthwhile for people who travel more than once a year and is particularly favourable in comparison to the international health insurance as an individual insurance.

  • from 9,90 Euro per year for one person
  • from 21,- Euro per year for families

Annual insurance contracts for international health insurance are concluded for at least one year and are automatically renewed from year to year.

This means you can travel as often as you like without having to register the trips with the insurance company.

Advantages and Benefits of the annual international health insurance:

  • No deductible for all insured events!
  • valid for any number of trips
  • worldwide validity for every holiday trip abroad up to 56 days each
  • worldwide validity for every business trip abroad up to 10 days each
  • without age surcharges or age limits
  • Premiums for individuals and families
  • Reimbursement of costs for medically reasonable repatriation
  • Subsequent liability until the insured person is fit to be transported
  • Insurance cover also for pre-existing conditions [exception see § 6 VB-KV 2015 (RKJ)].

The contract is automatically renewed for a further year if it is not cancelled in writing three months before expiry.

What are the costs for the annual international health insurance?

  per person for families
Annual premiums up to 35 years 9,90 € 21 €
Annual premiums up to 65 years 13,90 € 29 €
Annual premiums up to 75 years 29,90 € 65 €
Annual premiums from 75 years 79,90 € 159 €

Insurance conditions

Annual foreign health insurance for individuals or families:
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Frequently asked questions about health insurance abroad:

Where does the annual international health insurance apply?

Insurance cover is provided worldwide abroad. The country in which the insured person has a residence is deemed to be abroad.

What does the health insurance abroad cover?

The foreign health insurance includes the medically necessary treatment of an insured person due to illness or consequences of an accident.

What is considered curative treatment?

When prescribed by a Physician, the following treatments are considered Medically Necessary:

  • Medical outpatient treatments
  • Pain-relieving conservative dental treatments incl. fillings
  • Medications and dressings
  • Physical treatments (e.g. radiation and light therapies)
  • massages, packs, inhalations and physiotherapy
  • Aids that become necessary for the first time as a result of an accident
  • Operations that cannot be postponed and inpatient treatment

How do I get information about doctors at the resort?

The emergency call service provides information about medical care options and designates a German or English speaking physician.

Which care services are covered by the international health insurance?

  • Accommodation of an accompanying person in the hospital for children
  • Care for children in case of travel interruption due to death, serious accident or illness
  • Procurement of substitute medication at the vacation destination
  • Sick visit of a close person
  • payment of additional hotel accommodation costs for up to 10 days

What should be considered when returning to the place of residence?

The travel health insurance reimburses the additional costs for a return transport to the nearest suitable hospital at the place of residence of the insured person. Reimbursement will only be made if the return transport is medically reasonable and justifiable.

Furthermore, the costs for an accompanying person as well as for a necessary medical escort are also covered. The prerequisite for this is that this is medically necessary, ordered by the authorities or prescribed by the transport company.

What documents do I need to submit for reimbursement in the event of a claim?

The following evidence must be submitted:

  • Original receipts with the name, description of the illness as well as the provided service
  • Prescriptions with doctor's bill as well as bills for medical aids and appliances
  • Medical certificate about the necessity of the return transport
  • Official death certificate or medical certificate of cause of death
  • Further proofs and receipts

When can I expect reimbursement from the insurance company?

The foreign health insurance will pay the costs within 2 weeks at the latest. (Provided that the proof of insurance and premium payment is available and the obligation to pay and the amount of compensation have been determined).

When is payment of the premium due and when does insurance coverage begin?

The premium must be paid immediately upon receipt of the insurance policy and the premium invoice. In the event of late payment, insurance coverage shall not commence until that time.

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