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Why is a travel interruption insurance worthwhile?

Secure your trip for all occasions

When is it worth taking out travel interruption insurance? There are many reasons why a holiday may have to be ended earlier than planned. In certain situations, e.g. if a family member becomes ill or dies, if you receive news of losing your job or burglary while on holiday, you should not think about continuing your trip.

In any case, an early return is always associated with high costs, starting with rebooking fees or additional hotel accommodation. It therefore makes sense to take out travel cancellation insurance, which can be taken out as an additional policy to the Travel cancellation insurance as well as separately.

With or without travel interruption insurance - You have the choice

Choose from different tariffs with or without travel cancellation insurance and find the optimal protection package for your trip.

A travel interruption insurance protects you against high rebooking costs and other additional costs in the event of an early return journey. In addition, good insurers also reimburse the costs for unused travel services and any additional costs incurred as a result of the early return journey.

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What does travel interruption insurance cover?

Rebooking costs

If the trip must be terminated prematurely, the insurance covers the rebooking costs for flights, etc.



Overnight expenses

Additional accommodation and catering costs incurred as a result of early termination will also be covered.



Costs for longer stay

If the stay must be extended because, for example, one of the insured persons is not transportable, the costs for an extended stay are also covered.



Unused travel days

The costs for unused travel time are usually covered by the insurer.

Additional costs for return journey

If additional return travel costs are incurred, these shall also be covered by the insurer.



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