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Travel abroad Health insurance for work abroad

A travel abroad Health insurance for work abroad is essential for every stay abroad.

Whether you travel the world as part of a voluntary social year, as an au pair, with a Working Holiday Visa or for professional or private reasons. You have the opportunity to travel or take on different kinds of jobs which is always a great opportunity to get to know a country and its people.
If you are travelling abroad, you will always need a travel health insurance as insurance cover!

What about the benefits of the German health insurance companies?
German health insurances (this also applies to many products and services of private health insurances) only reimburse the costs that would have been incurred for the same treatment in Germany (also in other European countries) when travelling abroad.

Doctors in Germany will only cover the costs of the treatment in question if they can prove that they will cover them. That is why it is essential for both travellers to Germany and Germans abroad to have health insurance for travel abroad!

Travel health insurance booking - Travel protection abroad:

Use the calculation tool (blue box on top):
Simply select "For whom" and "Insurance for" accordingly - to take out your travel health insurance.

More travel protection when travelling & working abroad

For comprehensive travel protection during your travel abroad, we recommend our property package with liability, accident and legal expenses insurance, as well as luggage insurance.

Simply add the package with additional insurance protection to your online booking!

Particularly favourable:
Travel health insurance for trips abroad more than once a year ...

An annual trip health insurance can be worthwhile already from 2 trips per year:
from 9.90 euros costs per year for one person and from 21 euros per year for families.

> Travel health insurance for trips abroad more than once a year ...

Benefits of the trip abroad Health insurance

In case of illness abroad, the insurance covers the following costs:

  • Hospitalisation and medication abroad
  • Use of medical treatment (outpatient/inpatient)
  • Costs for patient transport to treatment (clinic)
  • medically sensible return transport of patients to their home country
  • Costs for additional services (travel for family members)
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