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Travel health insurance

Travel protection for trips abroad

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Particularly favourable: Travel health insurance for trips abroad more than once a year ...

> Travel health insurance for trips abroad more than once a year ...

Why is a travel health insurance worthwhile?

You may ask yourself why you even need a travel health insurance?
Are you not covered by the normal statutory health insurance fund abroad?
The answer to this question is: unfortunately only partially!

On one hand, it depends on which country you travel to. For example, if the country is not a Schengen country, such as Tunisia or Egypt, you simply do not have health insurance cover without private travel health insurance and are thus exposed to an extreme health and financial risk. If you need any medical treatment there and - in the worst case - even a hospital stay of several days becomes necessary, you have to come up for all the costs yourself. Especially in countries where medical and treatment costs are considerably higher than in Germany, such as the USA or Canada, the expenses can be very high.

On the other hand, the nature of your illness or the extent of treatment you require plays a significant role. Most European states, the so-called Schengen states, have concluded a social security agreement with Germany. As long as you are in these countries, your health insurance will cover the costs of the treatments etc. However, only in equal parts as in Germany: if the treatment abroad costs for example 1000 €, but in Germany, however, only 800 €, you have to pay the difference - unless you have private travel health insurance that provides cover in such cases.

What does travel health insurance cover?

Medical return transport - without travel health insurance a potentially expensive matter

Imagine you need to be treated during your trip for a longer period of time (probably more than 14 days) in a hospital. The staff may not speak your language and none of your relatives or friends will be able to visit you. For this reason, you want to travel home and continue the treatment there, as it has been proven that this improves the healing process and that medical care is usually also better there. However, this is only possible if it makes sense from a medical perspective and is thus justifiable. 

In this case, the travel health insurance would cover all the costs for the medical return transport to Germany.

Treatment abroad

It is possible that the treatment you require cannot be guaranteed on site. Imagine the attending physician arranges your medical return to Germany. Without travel health insurance, you will always bear the full costs for this return transport - regardless of whether you are in a Schengen country or not, as your statutory health insurance generally does not cover medical transport from abroad.

Benefits of private travel insurance

  • Cost takeover for medical treatment abroad (out-patient/in-patient)
  • Additional charges for return transport of patients including luggage-return transport
  • Repatriation of the insured person in the event of death
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