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Our seminar cancellation insurance - your protection against high cancellation costs

With our seminar cancellation insurance you are well protected, should something come up. No matter if you are late, have to cancel or change your booking - protect yourself against high costs!

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Our Highlights

  • from 5 Euro per seminar
  • Refund of cancellation or seminar costs
  • Reimbursement of rebooking costs
  • Reimbursement of expenses due to delay
  • Coverage: Europe


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Good reasons for a Seminar cancellation insurance

Reasons for a seminar cancellation insurance: imagine you book your conferences a few weeks in advance and then you get sick only days before your departure. The seminar cancellation insurance reimburses you for the resulting cancellation costs, including any hotel expenses. Coverage for follow-up seminars must be effected separately.

Services of the seminar cancellation insurance:

  • Refunding of cancellation fees (if due to an insured reason)
  • Refunding of the additional travel costs (if you must arrive later)
  • The premiums are applicable to the insured seminar and associated accommodation costs
  • Additional coverage for follow-up seminars must be insured separately
  • Scope of validity: Germany
  • Deductible: No deductible, as the insurance policy covers all potential costs, with the exception of illnesses treated in outpatients. In this case, the deductible is 20% of the reimbursable damage, but at least 25.00 EUR per insured person.

However, please note that the insurance coverage only applies to trips that are booked at least 30 days before departure.

Important facts about the seminar cancellation insurance:

Deductible: No deductible for all insured events with the exception of diseases treated on an outpatient basis. In this case, the deductible is 20% of the reimbursable loss, but at least EUR 25.00 per insured person.

Completion deadline:
The seminar cancellation insurance should be contracted immediately upon booking, but not later than 30 days before the seminar begins. If there are less than 30 days between the reservation and the start of the seminar, the conclusion of the insurance should take place no later than the third working day after booking.

What are the costs for seminar cancellation insurance?

Price per person
Price for the seminar up to 100 €5 €
Price for the seminar up to 250 €11 €
Price for the seminar up to 500 €23 €
Price for the seminar up to 750 €28 €
Price for the seminar up to 1.000 €37 €
Price for the seminar up to 1.500 €46 €
Price for the seminar up to 2.000 €57 €
Price for the seminar up to 2.500 €69 €
Price for the seminar up to 3.000 €85 €
Price for the seminar up to 10.000 €3,4 %

Paying for online bookings

Secure payment with verified SSL connection

Seminar cancellation insurance secure payment

Easy to pay with:

- Direct debit

- Bank transfer

- Credit card (Mastercard / VISA / American Express)

Seminar cancellation insurance payment methods

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