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Our luggage insurance - the travel protection for your luggage

With our luggage insurance, your luggage is optimally insured in case of loss or damage during the trip and you can enjoy it without worries!

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  • up to 4 days from 25,- € per trip/person
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  • up to 365 days
  • valid worldwide
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Everything you need to know about luggage insurance

Why is luggage insurance worthwhile?

The luggage insurance is especially useful if, for example, the expensive camera, laptop, tablet or other more expensive electronic devices are carried as luggage during the holiday trip. This also applies, of course, to other high-priced items that should also be covered by luggage insurance, such as art or jewellery, etc. - no matter whether you have planned your trip by plane, train or otherwise. Also highly recommended for musicians with expensive instruments.

Apart from its financial value, every single part of the carefully assembled baggage is urgently needed during the journey. If it is not available, it must be possible to replace it quickly and easily, and at as little cost as possible. For this purpose, the luggage must be insured according to its value. It is therefore very useful to take out luggage insurance for your luggage on all trips.

What does the luggage insurance cover?

The insured event:

In the insured event, the insurance covers loss and damage to luggage. This can be either checked in or carried in person. Another claim is the delayed arrival of separately checked baggage at the destination of the journey. In this case, the claim refers to the reimbursement of the costs of replacement purchases as evidenced by receipts.

Also insured are the necessary expenses for the recovery of lost luggage. For the luggage insurance the principle applies that everything, but also only that which is included in the insurance contract is insured. Or, to put it the other way round: what is not in the contract is not insured and is not a claim.

Against this background, a baggage insurance comparison is as helpful as it is necessary. We can do that for you!
Depending on the provider, the luggage travel insurance is either insured for a specific person or as a total amount. Here and there, luggage insurance is limited to a maximum amount.

Luggage insurance benefits at a glance

The luggage insurance insures:

  • luggage you leave in someone else's hands for safekeeping
  • luggage not delivered on time
  • if third parties commit criminal offences
  • if your luggage suffers damage in a traffic accident
  • Damage caused by fire, explosion or natural events

What should be considered when concluding a baggage insurance policy?

  • If you are traveling with a group of people, such as your family, you have to insure not only the proportional luggage of the policy holder but also that of all other persons. This might seem self-evident but must nevertheless be an integral part of the contract.

  • If the insured luggage is subject to a maximum sum, then it should include everything for personal travel needs, including clothing worn, the contents of hand luggage, merchandising and more. At this point, reference is again made to defined exclusions of benefits and non-performance because they are not an integral part of the contract.

  • In many cases, this is mentioned only on the margins of the general terms and conditions or in small print, that the insurer does not always have to replace everything but also has to reimburse the repair costs or in individual cases only the repair costs.

  • Luggage is particularly well insured if damage caused by a third party is also reimbursed, for example, if a fellow traveller is involved. This risk should also be covered as it qualifies as a vandalism benefit case.

  • The significant question in all cases of compensation for damages is "value as new or current value". Only the value as new makes a luggage insurance sensible.

Property package or individual insurance?

Luggage insurance in a property package

You can conveniently obtain luggage insurance from Bernhard in an additionally selectable package with, for example, international health insurance or liability insurance, from just a few cents per day.

When you take out your international health insurance online, you can also choose the additional package with the corresponding tariff, which already includes luggage insurance.


Individual luggage insurance

Here you can obtain the individual luggage insurance as a special cover for your luggage with worldwide validity and a term of up to 365 days.
It is particularly recommended as a supplement to annual travel insurance for holidays and business trips.

Costs of individual baggage insurance, up to 365 days, valid worldwide

Duration of tripSum insured: 2.000 EuroSum insured: 4.000 EuroSum insured: 6.000 Euro
up to 4 days25 €
up to 10 days30 €60 €
up to 17 days35 €70 €105 €
up to 31 days45 €90 €135 €
up to 45 days65 €130 €195 €
up to 62 days85 €170 €255 €
up to 93 days125 €250 €375 €
from 94 days1,50 € p. day3,00 € p. day4,50 € p. day

Insurance conditions

Luggage insurance for individuals or families:  PDF Download

Insurance conditions for Luggage insurance

More details on luggage insurance

What do I have to do if I want to insure my luggage?

The insurer is free in his decision about the individual form of luggage insurance. This is the main reason for a more accurate luggage insurance comparison. Every insurance contract includes the General Terms and Conditions, and in travel law often also a supplementary overview of the prices. Luggage can be insured with or without a deductible (SB) for each claim. With SB, the insurance premium is reduced because the insurer's default risk is lower. The claim should be reported as soon as possible; with today's communication options, this is usually no problem. The insurer expects the injured party to present original receipts in order to reimburse the damage incurred in the event of a claim. This applies above all to the replacement purchase of luggage that arrives very late or not at all at the travel destination.

The insured person must actively participate and document the claim in a comprehensible manner to the insurer. In general, notebook, photo and video camera, along with the respective accessories are only insured up to half of the insured sum, cash, on the other hand, is either not at all or only to a very limited extent insured.

What if the luggage is lost, damaged or stolen?

In this unfortunate situation, the insurer must be informed of the claim as soon as possible. In turn, he checks whether this is an insured benefit case. If so, then the injured party is on the safe side. Important is to be in direct contact with the insurer. The injured parties should be aware that they must prove their claim in case of doubt.

In case of robbery or theft, the submission of a police report is usually required. Each insurance company has its own individual claims management. The spectrum ranges from 24-hour telephone support or online damage reports to online chats. The potential policy holder can obtain more detailed information on this in a luggage insurance test online or offline.

The submission of a damage confirmation from the airline or the airport operator at the place of damage is usually also required. Every insurer has a claim form which is available both online and in print. If the insurance policy is part of the travel documents of the hand luggage, it is immediately available with all necessary information needed in the event of damage.

Luggage insurance damage cases

Example 1
During your stay in a rented vacation home someone has broken in and stolen parts of your luggage. The door was properly locked during your absence. When you returned, the door was broken open, the interior was destroyed and your luggage was either stolen or damaged. This is a typical benefit case for the insurer because it is a crime committed by a third party. Condition for the case is the criminal complaint at the local police station. The offence will be recorded and prosecuted under the relevant file number. This police protocol is the basis for settling the claim for damages with the insurer. Whether cash or personal jewellery are also insured depends on the individual insurance policy

Example 2
The baggage that you checked in separately does not reach its destination at all and gets lost along the journey. For countries within the European Union and for countries that are members of the Montreal Convention, the booked airline pays a flatrate compensation of 1,000 SDR as an interstate artificial currency; this is approximately 1,400 euros. In other cases, the passenger will not receive anything, unless he has insured his luggage himself. In this case, you need help. Reach out to the airline, as it must confirm the loss of the luggage in writing. This confirmation is the basis for your claim.

Example 3
Your arrival at the holiday destination starts without your luggage, because it does not appear, even after a long wait at the baggage claim. You hope that it will be on board of the flight which arrives the next day. If the baggage is delivered on the next day undamaged, this is still an insured claim due to the delayed arrival of the baggage. For the period of one day and one night, the insured is entitled to obtain the necessary replacement purchases up to a maximum amount, which varies depending on the insurer. This is listed in the luggage insurance policy, in small print or in the general terms and conditions Everything must be carefully documented and proven through original receipts. Whether the insurer also reimburses the foreign currency fee for the credit card statement, however, is a question of goodwill.

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