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Our Travel Insurance deals for: Exchanges, School trips, Clubs & Associations, Youth groups, Community college trips, GAPP exchange, Au Pair, Students, Teachers/lecturers/college professors and Insurance for guests as well as Travel cancellation insurance for your vacation or Working abroad, Harvest workers and Volunteers.

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Important travel insurance policies - at a glance

Travel health insurance

The purpose of travel health insurance is to protect the insured person from medical and treatment costs incurred during his or her stay abroad. This applies either to persons who have their main residence abroad and travel to Germany, or to persons who have their main residence in Germany and travel abroad. There is a social security agreement between certain countries. The resulting amount, which is not covered by the statutory health insurance, is partially or completely covered. Travel health insurance can be taken out either for a group or for individuals. The maximum insurance period is limited in time.

Travel health insurance policies for travelling abroad:

Travel health insurance for business trips
Travel health insurance for foreigners abroad
Travel health insurance as a guest abroad
Travel health insurance Work and travel
Travel health insurance Au Pair
Travel health insurance Harvest Workers
Travel health insurance for Volunteers
Annual travel health insurance for trips more than once a year

Information on travel health insurance

Travel cancellation insurance

The travel cancellation insurance comes into effect if a trip cannot be started due to an "insured event". It covers the possible costs determined beforehand. Very different contractual conditions can be defined here. There are also a large number of cancellation conditions that are tailored to the respective trips or events, such as concert tickets.

Other cancellation insurance policies:

Annual travel cancellation insurance
Last-minute travel cancellation insurance
Hotel cancellation insurance
Seminar cancellation insurance
Ticket cancellation insurance

Travel interruption insurance

The travel interruption insurance comes into force if you have already started your journey and protects you against high rebooking and other additional costs in case of an early return journey. In addition, good insurers also reimburse the costs of the unused travel service as well as possible additional costs incurred by the early return journey.

More about travel interruption insurance

Travel liability insurance

When taking out travel insurance, liability insurance (in a package together with accident insurance) can be chosen as an option. It protects the traveller against third-party liability claims within the framework of agreed coverage amounts. Insurance cover is claimed on the basis of statutory liability provisions under private law. The causer of the damage must be stated; the damage event can include personal injury, property damage or financial loss.

More about Travel liability insurance ...

Travel accident insurance

An accident is an unforeseen, sudden and external event which causes damage to a person and which may also result in (partial) invalidity or death. The accident insurance applies to accidents which occur to the insured during the validity of the contract. The insurance covers accidents all over the world. Persons in need of care and mentally ill persons are excluded from this insurance.

The travel accident insurance is already included when booking the additional insurance package. Simply select the optional insurance package when you book.

Travel legal protection insurance

The travel legal protection insurance has long been standard with our property packages, although it is often considered unnecessary. But is actually an important supplement to liability insurance. The liability insurance compensates for damages I cause to another person, but does not help me if I have been injured myself - for this reason the travel legal protection insurance is recommended.

More about Travel legal protection insurance ...

Travel luggage insurance

The travel luggage insurance applies to German and foreign travel groups as well as to individual travellers and their family members. It also applies to the traveler's partner and children named on the insurance policy. The sum insured is € 2000 per participant and can be increased if necessary. Mobile phones and laptops are excluded from the insurance. It must be taken out at least one week before the start of the journey. BERNHARD luggage insurance is only offered as a package with other insurance policies, such as liability-, accident- and legal expenses insurance.

More about Travel luggage insurance ...

Covered on journeys - with confidence

At a time when confidence in the financial world is declining or customers are taking out insurance policies that do not deliver what they promise, you need a trusted partner at your side who will always act in your interest. We are aware of our responsibility as your Travel insurance broker and would like you to benefit from our many years of experience in Travel insurance.


Deutscher Pfadfinderverband e.V. (German Scout Association)
„Bernhard Assekuranz is a reliable partner in all insurance matters - for many years we have experienced support (and bureaucratic relief) and operate within a secure framework.“
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BERNHARD Travel insurance broker

BERNHARD-Reiseversicherungsmakler GmbH was founded in 2009 as a subsidiary of the BERNHARD Assekuranzmakler group of companies, which has its headquarters in Sauerlach, south of Munich in Bavaria. With its managing director Thorsten M. Kuhr, the Bavarian team was again strengthened with Hanseatic business spirit.

The BERNHARD Assekuranzmakler-Firmengruppe can look back on more than 60 years of experience in the insurance sector and more than 20 years in the travel insurance sector. Independently and competently we would like to look with you, your children, pupils and travel participants on exciting journeys and foreign stays and fill our role as a travel insurance broker to the best.


We are aware of our responsibility and would like to share it with you. We would like to make our services as transparent as possible for you, so that you know who you are trusting.


Independently and competently we would like to look with you, your children, pupils and travel participants at exciting journeys and stays abroad and fulfil our role as an insurance broker to the best of our ability.


The BERNHARD insurance broker group of companies can look back on more than 60 years of experience in the insurance sector and more than 20 years in the travel insurance sector.

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