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Travel legal protection insurance online booking

The travel legal protection insurance cannot be booked separate!

With all relevant travel insurance policies, it is only taken out in conjunction with the property package - together with liability, accident and optional luggage insurance.

Use the calculation tool (blue box on top):
Simply select "For whom" and "Insurance for" accordingly - to take out your travel legal protection insurance.

Good reasons for travel legal expenses insurance

Legal protection abroad

For all those who do not have their own legal expenses insurance with cover abroad, taking out legal expenses insurance for travel abroad is highly recommended. In many countries of the world it can happen that you need legal assistance quickly. Unfortunately, however, you cannot always communicate accordingly, or you do not speak the language at all. And who is familiar with foreign laws? In this case, legal protection insurance helps.

For example, in the case of a claim in car traffic or if you receive a threat of punishment abroad (e.g. because of buying a souvenir, which turns out to be fake, etc.). Especially for planned trips to the United States (USA), it should be taken into consideration that a lawsuit can quickly be filed there.

Air travel can also cause problems, such as a delay in the flight or the loss of luggage. Whether there will be assistance, compensation or reimbursement of ticket costs in the event of a delay is regulated by the Air Passenger Rights Ordinance. .

Trouble with the circumstances in the accommodation can possibly lead to legal disputes with the tour operator, since the descriptions and references to the holiday domicile may not always be formulated completely understandably.

Benefits and duration of travel legal protection insurance

Regulations on the reimbursement of lawyer's fees, court costs, deposit costs and telephone legal advice can be found in the General Terms and Conditions for Legal Expenses Insurance (AVB).

The insurance cover is valid worldwide for the duration of the specified travel period. Exceptions see AVB, including war, strike, lockout or earthquake.

What is to be considered in a legal protection case?

If a problem - i.e. a legal protection case - actually arises during a trip, the policyholder can assert the so-called legal protection claim.
For this purpose, it is best to inform the insurance company immediately and describe the complete situation to them or to the lawyer commissioned. In addition, it is important to provide appropriate evidence and all necessary documents.

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