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Our travel accident insurance in a package

What is a travel accident insurance?

Travel accident insurance protects you abroad against the financial consequences of accidents. The insurance cover includes accidents worldwide for the insured group of people.

Who needs travel accident insurance?

The insurance protection of the statutory accident insurance does not include stays abroad, so if an accident happens abroad, you are left without protection.

However, not everyone needs travel accident insurance. If you have already taken out private accident insurance, you usually do not need separate travel accident insurance*.

If you are planning a group trip, the situation is different. Often you cannot ask each participant individually whether they have private travel accident insurance with worldwide coverage. In this case, we recommend our insurance package, which can be booked for little money. In addition to the travel accident insurance, this package also includes travel liability insurance and travel legal protection insurance, which provide all-round protection.

*Attention to the insured period & area of validity which is indicated in the insurance policy for stays abroad, some providers limit this.

Benefits of the travel accident insurance
*Overview: Benefits of the travel accident insurance

What services are covered by the travel accident insurance?

Financial support for:

  • Disability
  • Full disability
  • Accidental death

Financial compensation after:

  • Accidents

For detailed information please read our Insurance conditions

What does travel accident insurance cost per year?

We do not offer travel accident insurance as individual insurance, only as an additional package* with our group tariffs.

Costs of our international health insurance with package:

TariffsPremium per day/person
Age groups up to 34 years0,26 €
Age group 35 - 64 years0,46 €
Age group from 65 years0,92 €

*The property package consists of liability, accident and legal protection insurance (without luggage insurance)

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  • Reimb. of withdrawal costs
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