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Teacher cancellation insurance
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Teacher cancellation insurance
Travel price up to 30.000 € / Age limit up to 64 years 2,70 %3,40 %

Please note the following for teacher cancellation insurance:

It is best to take out the teacher cancellation insurance for each participating teacher or each participating supervisor.

The teacher or supervisor must be included in the total travel price of the group and the name must be given at the time of booking!

  Important information about the tariffs  

Teacher cancellation insurance - Travel insurance for your class trip

To whom is the teacher cancellation insurance for?

Due to an unexpected illness or accident, the accompanying teacher may be absent so that a class trip cannot be started. In order that the school class does not have to bear the costs caused by the absence of the teacher, a teacher cancellation insurance (teacher's absence insurance) should be taken out.

The teacher cancellation insurance covers the costs if a class trip must be cancelled because the accompanying teacher cannot take part in the class trip for an insured reason.

The most important facts about teacher cancellation insurance:

  • Insured is the loss of one of the accompanying and insured teachers of the group pupil trip, named in the application, due to an insured event.

  • Conclusion of contract at the latest 14 days before the start of the journey
  • The total price of the group must be indicated. This also represents the insured sum. The maximum limit is 30.000,- €

  • A group student trip requires the participation of at least five students up to a maximum of 30 years

  • At least two accompanying supervisors must accompany the school trip.
    An age limit of max. 64 years applies to the accompanying supervisors

Do all teachers accompanying a group have to insure themselves?

No:  It is possible that one teacher (out of several) is not insured.
However, if this teacher is not insured and is not mentioned by name, no costs will be covered in the event of his/her absence.

It is therefore meaningful and recommended that all accompanying teachers take out insurance!

What are the reasons for teacher cancellation insurance?

Teacher/Travel cancellation insurance reasons
* Graphic: Teacher/Travel cancellation insurance reasons for assumption of costs
  • Unexpected serious illness
  • Serious accident
  • Death of the insured person
  • Vaccination compatibility
  • Pregnancy of an insured person
  • Damage to the property of the insured

Information on the individual insured reasons can be found here ... *

* The insured reasons correspond to those of a travel cancellation insurance

Validity and duration of insurance

  • Valid for supervising teachers and accompanying persons of a school class during a class trip
  • Maximum insurance period 90 days

Teacher cancellation insurance - with or without deductible?

What does deductible or excess mean? A teacher cancellation insurance can be taken out with or without a deductible. If this is taken out without a deductible, the insurance covers the full cancellation costs. If the policy is taken out with a deductible, the insured person's share in the event of illness is 20% of the reimbursable loss. In all cases, however, at least 25 € per person.

For teachers & students - All-round travel insurance for class trips

Cheap travel insurance package for teachers and students consisting of:

  • Foreign health insurance (Inclusive as basic cover!)

  • Additional: Property package, consisting of liability and accident insurance, legal expenses insurance and luggage insurance

  • Additional: teacher cancellation insurance

  • Optional: travel cancellation insurance

With this package, you have comprehensive insurance coverage with worldwide validity for your entire group of teachers and students. So you can take the class trip, final school trip or departure well secured.

Validity and duration of insurance package:

- Valid for German school groups travelling to Germany/abroad and foreign school groups travelling to Germany
- From at least 5 persons with the same destination and date
- Maximum insurance period 90 days

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Paying for online bookings

Secure payment with verified SSL connection

Teacher travel cancellation insurance secure payment with SSL

Easy to pay with:

- Direct debit

- Bank transfer

- Credit card (Mastercard / VISA / American Express)

Teacher travel cancellation insurance payment methods



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