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Group travel insurance - cheap travel insurance for groups

Why is our Group Travel Insurance worth it?

To ensure sufficient insurance coverage for students and groups on school trips (skiing camps), end of term and educational trips is extremely important. Here you will find detailed information about our insurance services for students and groups as well as the opportunity to effect an insurance online.

The BERNHARD Travel Insurance GmbH is an expert for group travel insurance, student insurance and insurance services for school trips as we have been working in this field for more than 30 years.

What does the group insurance cover?

Our services can include package deals that cover several insurances policies at the same time.
The optional add-on insurance package includes travel liability insurance, accident insurance, health insurance, luggage insurance and legal protection insurance.

The travel cancellation insurance can also be optionally added with/without deductible, as well as the teacher's cancellation insurance for class trips.

Especially health insurance is crucial for everyone who travels abroad or in one's home country.

German health insurance for example, only covers the costs that would have arisen in Germany for the same treatment and the patient has to pay the difference. Without health insurance, however, the patient has to pay for the entire treatment himself.

Who needs a group travel insurance?

This insurance is particularly important for groups that are visiting Germany, because here medical treatment is only allowed if financial reimbursement is guaranteed through health insurance.

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