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Group travel insurance: Our insurances for groups from 5 persons

We offer specially tailored group travel insurance at particularly favorable conditions for clubs, associations, youth groups and students on student exchanges or class trips. High-performance rates for optimal coverage when traveling abroad or within Germany.

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Our Highlights

  • Favorable rates especially for groups
  • Multiple awards
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Easy online booking

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Overview of our group travel insurances

Youth groups

from 0,23 € per day/person

  • International Health Insurance
  • Travel at home and abroad
  • Up to 90 days per trip
  • Additional packages available

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Youth groups from eastern europe

Student exchange

from 0,23 € per day/person

  • International Health Insurance
  • worldwide exchanges
  • Up to 90 days per trip
  • Additional packages available

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GAPP - School Exchange USA

School trip/class trip

from 0,23 € per day/person

  • International Health Insurance
  • Up to 90 days per trip
  • Additional packages available
  • Teacher travel cancellation

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Clubs and associations

from 0,23 € per day/person

  • International Health Insurance
  • Worldwide travel protection
  • Up to 90 days per trip
  • Additional packages available

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German youth hostel group travel

from 0,90 € per day

  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Only for people resident in Germany!

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Community colleges

from 0,23 € per day/person

  • International Health Insurance
  • Affordable tariffs
  • Up to 90 days per trip
  • Additional packages available

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Why is group travel insurance with Bernhard Reise worthwhile?

Our group travel insurances offer you comprehensive protection for all eventualities.

Bernhard Reiseversicherungsmakler is specialized in group travel insurances such as student travel insurances and insurances for school trips, as well as insurances for youth groups, as we have been active in exactly this area for over 30 years.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Favorable and particularly powerful framework agreements
  • Tailored to the special needs of groups
  • For group travel at home and abroad
  • Also for foreign groups traveling to Germany
  • 70 years of experience in travel insurance

Group travel insurance coverage

International health insurance is the most important insurance for all group travel - whether it's a student exchange, youth trip, educational trip, ski and tent camp or, or ...

For example, German health insurers abroad reimburse at most the costs that would also have been incurred for treatment in Germany. Without health insurance abroad, the patient would be stuck with the additional costs.
This insurance is also just as important for travel groups coming to Germany, as doctors here will only agree to treatment if proof of cost coverage is guaranteed by health insurance.

An optional insurance property package can be additionally booked, which is absolutely recommendable due to its scope of benefits. Travel cancellation insurance is also optionally available with/without deductible, as is teacher cancellation insurance for class trips.

The optional property package includes the following insurances depending on the tariff:

  • Liability insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Travel legal protection insurance
  • Luggage insurance (optional)

For whom is the group travel insurance?

Especially for group trips with several people, such as class trips, ski camps, graduation trips and educational trips the probability of an accident or cancellation is particularly high. This applies both to group trips abroad, such as class trip Prague, class trip London, class trip Paris, and to group trips to Germany, such as class trip Germany or class trip Berlin.

Below we provide detailed information about our insurance offer for students, youth and other groups as well as the possibility to directly purchase a group travel insurance.

Important insurances for the group trip:

International Health Insurance

International health insurance protects the insured group of people against high medical or hospital costs that may be incurred in the event of illness or injury. In addition, in the event of illness, the costs for medically appropriate return transport are also covered.

Services at a glance:

Hospital costs for outpatient and inpatient treatment:100 %, if medically necessary and unavoidable
Analgesic dental treatment:max. 500 € (not for existing toothache)
Repatriation costs for further treatment in the home country:if medically reasonable and justifiable
Transfer costs in case of death:Up to 25.000 €

Travel cancellation insurance

Especially in groups, the probability increases that a participant will not be able to participate due to an acute illness, vaccination intolerance, accident or, for example, repeat testing. The travel cancellation insurance offers comprehensive protection against such reasons.

The benefits of our cancellation insurance at a glance

Coverage of cancellation fees:
Return travel costs that exceed the travel price:

Notice: Must be completed at least 14 days before the start of the trip

Travel liability insurance

Here a group insurance makes sense, because not everyone has a private liability insurance with worldwide coverage. It covers personal injury, property damage and financial losses to third parties that may occur during the trip.

Overview of the services

Personal injury and damage to property:5 Million Euro
Property damage:1 Million Euro
Damage to rented immovable property:500.000 Euro
Damage to rented movables:

1000 Euro
with deductible 50 € per claim

Loss of keys:2000 Euro
with deductible 150 € per claim

Group accident insurance

Group accident insurance makes sense above all for active trips, but also for youth groups. It provides financial compensation after accidents and also provides financial support in the event of disability, total disability or accidental death.

Overview of the services

Invalidity payment:55.000 € (123.740 € for 100% disability)
Death benefit:Under 18 years: 10.000 € / Over 18 years: 25.000 €
Hospital daily allowance with convalescence allowance:10 €
Rescue costs:

5000 €

Travel luggage insurance

The baggage insurance covers damage caused by loss or damage to baggage.

The benefits of our luggage insurance at a glance

Damage and loss through transport, force majeure, theft, fire, water:
Risk of ski breakage (except rented, hired or loaned skis):
Camping Risk:
General sum insured:

3000 € (may be increased on request)

Sum insured own musical instruments:1000 €

Legal protection insurance

As not everyone has legal protection insurance with foreign cover, it makes particular sense for groups, as favourable group tariffs can be taken out here.

The services of our legal protection at a glance

Insured amount:1.000.000 €
Judicial and extrajudicial assertion of claims for damages:
Defence in criminal proceedings or administrative offences for labour and social law proceedings:

What insurance makes sense for a group trip?

Group travel with several people requires comprehensive insurance coverage for many reasons. Therefore, we can recommend any of the following travel insurance policies.

Absolutely useful & recommendable:

  • International health insurance
  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • Accident/liability insurance
Which group travel insurance makes sense?
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