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Our travel health insurance - travel protection for Erasmus students abroad

With our international health insurance for Erasmus students, you are comprehensively covered during your semester abroad and can enjoy your stay without worries!

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  • from 0,90 Euro per day / person
  • additional insurance as a package
  • up to 5 years stay abroad
  • no deductible in case of illness
  • Outpatient and inpatient treatment

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Everything you need to know about health insurance for Erasmus students

Erasmus student Study abroad

Das Erasmus Förderprogramm der EU steht allen Studenten offen, die an einer teilnehmenden Hochschule regulär studieren. Studenten aus EU-Ländern und einigen Nicht-EU-Ländern (Programmländer) können an allen Maßnahmen des Förderprogramms teilnehmen. Aus anderen Partnerländern nur unter bestimmten Bedingungen. Inzwischen reisen fast 40% aller Studenten für eines oder mehrere Semester ins Ausland oder absolvieren dort ein Praktikum. 

What insurance do I need as an Erasmus student?

Students who spend a semester abroad within the framework of the Erasmus programme must be covered by health insurance abroad. This applies both to German students abroad (e.g. USA) and to foreign students studying in Germany.

We offer Erasmus students a comprehensive health and travel cover for up to 5 years of stay abroad with our international health insurance for students.

What travel insurance do I need as an Erasmus student?
Graphic: What travel insurance is needed as an Erasmus student abroad?

Why do I need an international health insurance as a student?

In European countries with which a social security agreement exists, you are covered by your statutory health insurance. You will need the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from your health insurance company.

This protection does NOT apply to countries that are not in Europe or belong to the EU.

In the event of sudden illness abroad and if you are dependent on medical care or in the event of an accident requiring hospital treatment, health insurance from your home country often does not cover you. If there is no corresponding protection for travel abroad, there is a risk of costs in the four or five-figure range, which is not uncommon in the USA, for example.

Our advice: before beginning the semester abroad, check carefully which services are covered and which are not. In this way, you can ensure that you have sufficient health insurance cover abroad, which is tailored to your individual needs and in particular to the duration of your stay abroad.

What does the international health insurance for students cover?

Medical treatment + return transport

The travel health insurance for students covers the most important costs for medical treatment, whether outpatient or inpatient. It also covers expenses for medication and return transport home, if this is medically reasonable and justifiable. If students or language students need to be treated after an accident or due to illness, the international health insurance will usually cover these costs.

If you do not have travel health insurance, you will always bear the cost of this return transport - regardless of whether you are in a Schengen state or not, because your statutory health insurance fund will generally not pay for medical transport from abroad.

Benefits of international health insurance:

  • Cost coverage for medical treatment abroad (outpatient/inpatient)
  • Coverage of costs for medication
  • Additional costs for patient return transport incl. luggage return transport
  • Transfer of the insured in case of death

Important information on taking out health insurance:

  • Age up to max. 34 years
  • Maximum duration 5 years
  • In the event of early departure or return, almost all fares are billed on a daily basis
  • The insurance must be taken out before the start of the journey!

All-round insurance protection with our insurance package

We recommend that you take out an additional property package consisting of emergency, liability, accident and baggage insurance as all-round insurance cover for your trip. This way you can travel with a clear conscience and don't have to worry about your health - and your wallet.

When taking out health insurance, simply select the desired additional property package.

Alternatively, luggage insurance can also be taken out as individual insurance in addition to health insurance.

Costs of international health insurance for German students abroad (per day)

Bernhard SMARTBernhard PRO
Daily premium without USA/CAN
up to 12 month0,90 €1,15 €
from 13. month1,20 €1,40 €
Daily premium with USA/CAN
up to 12 month1,70 €2,20 €
from 13. month2,30 €2,70 €

Costs of international health insurance for foreign students in Germany (per day)

Bernhard SMARTBernhard PRO
up to 12 month1,19 €1,69 €
from 13. month 1,99 €

Conditions of insurance

Insurance conditions and tariff information of the Bernhard SMART / Bernhard PRO tariffs for international health insurance for students can be found on our page travel insurance for students:

Important information about the tariffs

International health insurance for Erasmus Students insurance conditions

Paying for online bookings

Secure payment with verified SSL connection

Student health insurance secure payment with SSL

Easy to pay with:

- Direct debit

- Bank transfer

- Credit card (Mastercard / VISA / American Express)

Student health insurance payment methods

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