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Damage notification

What to do in case of emergency?

Please report any damage or loss as soon as possible.
Our friendly, professional and helpful staff will be at your disposal at all times.

Important information:

• What exactly happened?
• Who is hurt?
• Where is the person in question?
• Who is the emergency contact person?
• How can we reach you?
• What is the person's social security number?

Please remain calm, especially in a difficult situation. If something has happened to you or your fellow travelers on your vacation, we will do anything we can to take care of the damage. If you have become a victim of a crime (theft, burglary, robbery as well as other accidents), please immediately alert the local police, ho will give you police confirmation of the insured event. In case of property damage or vadalism, the certificate must contain a list of all missing or defective items.

Please note: in the following days you should collect all the supporting documents from:

• Doctor / hospital treatments
• Hotels
• Trains or airlines

Please make sure that the name of the person to be treated as well as the diagnosis, treatment data and additional medical individual performances are listed on the medical bills.
Please also submit all receipts and invoices resulting from the emergency to us, in the original version without fail.

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