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Travel Insurance Guide

Welcome to our guide to travel insurance with lots of important information.
Our guide or info pages answer important questions about the respective travel insurance and give you interesting tips.

You can use them to comprehensively insure your holiday trip, business trip or stay in Germany or abroad for yourself, your family or an entire travel group.

Info to group travel:

Bernhard Reiseversicherungen has been specialising in insurance for group travel for over 30 years.
On our pages we can therefore offer you detailed information on group travel insurance.

School trips/Class trips


GAPP student exchanges

Youth groups

Children and youth groups from Eastern Europe

Clubs an Associations

Community colleges

Info on studying abroad:

Detailed information on travel insurance when studying abroad:
The International Health Insurance and other important travel insurances for students and language students.

Student travel health insurance

Erasmus student travel insurance

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