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Foreign travel health insurance -
Travel health insurance for foreigners abroad

With our foreign travel health insurance you are comprehensively covered abroad and can enjoy your stay without worries!

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Our Highlights

  • from 10,00 € / from 4 days for one person
  • up to 365 days per holiday trip
  • No maximum age for eligibility
  • No deductible
  • Reimbursement of costs for care

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Why do you need foreign travel health insurance?

The purpose of foreign travel health insurance is to protect the insured against medical and treatment costs when travelling abroad.

Since one is only partially insured by the normal, statutory health insurance when travelling abroad, it is important to take out a foreign travel health insurance before the trip. Thus, the costs, which are not covered by the statutory health insurance, are partially or completely covered.

Even in EU countries or in countries where there is a social security agreement with Germany, you can be completely or partially left with possibly high costs when travelling. If the European Health Insurance Card is not accepted for necessary treatment abroad, you will be treated as a private patient at much higher costs and will have to pay these costs immediately.

Who needs a foreign travel health insurance?

Foreign travel health insurance can be taken out for a group/family or for individuals when travelling abroad worldwide.
The tariff applies without deductible and is limited to a maximum insurance period of 365 days.

What to consider with the foreign travel health insurance?

The travel health insurance policy only applies to foreign passengers traveling to a third country. In that case abroad means not Germany *, neither the passenger's home country (the country in which the person is abiding permanently).

  • The maximum insurance period is 365 days
  • No maximum age for eligibility
  • No deductible
  • However, please note that the insurance contract must be formalized prior to departure

* Health insurance for foreign guests in Germany and for German guests abroad can be found here ...

What services does the foreign travel health insurance offer?

  • Payment of all costs for the necessary medical care abroad
  • Reimbursement of costs for inpatient treatment or return transport to the home country, also for accompanying persons (children and sick family members)
  • Information on medical care at the place of travel with mention of a German or English speaking doctor if possible

Costs: our premiums/tariffs at a glance

Age group up to 64 years

Duration of tripworld wide without USA/Canadaworld wide with USA/Canada
up to 4 days10,00 €15,00 €
up to 10 days15,00 €25,00 €
up to 17 days25,00 €35,00 €
up to 31 days45,00 €65,00 €
up to 45 days65,00 €115,00 €
up to 62 days95,00 €185,00 €
up to 93 days165,00 €315,00 €
from 94 days1,90 € per day4,50 € per day

Age group from 65 years

Duration of tripworld wide without USA/Canadaworld wide with USA/Canada
up to 4 days25,00 €35,00 €
up to 10 days39,00 €89,00 €
up to 17 days59,00 €129,00 €
up to 31 days99,00 €235,00 €
up to 45 days149,00 €343,00 €
up to 62 days239,00 €439,00 €
up to 93 days399,00 €529,00 €
from 94 days5,10 € per day13,10 € per day

The premium "with USA/Canada" must be concluded if the person to be insured will not only be in the USA or Canada for transit. For the purposes of this provision, transit is defined as arrival and departure from/to the home town with a maximum of 1 overnight stay. 

Insurance conditions

Foreign travel health insurance: Travel health insurance for foreigners abroad:  PDF Download

Insurance conditions for foreign travel health insurance

Paying for online bookings

Secure payment with verified SSL connection

Foreign travel health insurance secure payment

Easy to pay with:

- Direct debit

- Bank transfer

- Credit card (Mastercard / VISA / American Express)

Foreign travel health insurance payment methods

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